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Winning in Paper Competition of Petrochallenge 2017

YOGYAKARTA, speitbsc.org – SPE UGM SC has successfully conducted their annual competition, that is Petrochallenge 2017 on Saturday, 23rd November 2017 in Gajah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta. Petrochallenge 2017 was consisted of some events, such as Petrotraining, Main Competitions, and Gala Dinner. There are two competitions, Smart Competition and Paper Competition. Therefore, SPE ITB SC sent its delegates to compete in both competitions, and eventually one of delegates of SPE ITB SC came out as the first winner of Paper Competition, that is Romario (PE 2014).

“I was looking for the input for researches. Besides, I also wanted to know the developments and innovations from all college students in Indonesia”, Romario, usually called Roma, said. When being asked about his preparation, he said that he wanted to prove his innovations and find out whether it can be applied in industry by programming or not (making a prototype of Prosper because Prosper does not have the features we needed to prove the theory). In addition, he also tried to write a paper which met the standard of SPE. Last but not least, he also trained himself to do presentation in such good and interesting way. But, it did not seem to be that easy after all. There are some obstacles he found. “The biggest (obstacle) was how to manage the time, and the toughest time was when I had to make a nodal analysis program myself and was developed in accordance to the necessity of researches”, Roma said.
This was not the very first time for him to compete in a competition, and Petrochallenge 2017 is a very good way to finish his journey in such competitions. “I have had enough inputs. I think it is enough and I will not join in any other competitions”, Roma said as an addition.

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