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Welcome, SPE ITB SC 2017/2018!

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE ITB SC upholds its values highly, especially ownership. To accomplish that value, SPE ITB SC must establish a healthy working environment between boards and officers. As a start, SPE ITB SC 2017/2018 held its first gathering on Friday (27/04/18) at Tubieatz for its boards and officers to get to know each other as the beginning of a new period of SPE ITB SC.

The event, which is held by Internal Affairs Division, begins with the opening from MCs, Astrini, and Ratna of Competition Enhancement, followed by a speech from President and Vice President of SPE ITB SC 2017/2018, I Putu Gede Putra Arcana and Khobita Fara Daniella, respectively. Then managers and directors introduced themselves and officers of their divisions and departments, followed by striking a pose by each officer.

In order to break the ice between officers, the MCs held a small game, where each officer must work together to form a group which results in the sum of numbers given to them on paper that needs to match MCs’ instructions. After that, officers were given dinners, such as Fried Rice, Soups, and other meals from the huge variety of food provided by Tubieatz. Everyone enjoyed the meal. There were also other games such as What the Tea, where representative of each department tries to throw teabags tied to their hat to above it, What Word Is It, where officers guess famous names based on random pictures, and Pop the Balloon, where two representatives of each department must pop balloons with their behind. Officers were very enthusiastic during games, especially officers from External Department, who won based on points given to them. Before concluding the events, all officers took a picture together as their first got-together memory throughout their period of SPE ITB SC. Other officers also use photo booth and projector to create amazing pictures together.

To conclude, warmest welcome for officers of SPE ITB SC 2017/2018 from multiple majors of Bandung Institute of Technology. Hopefully, all boards and officers can be much closer throughout the year to accomplish SPE ITB SC’s value of ownership. (Nanda Panjaitan)

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