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BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Monday (27/08/18), SPE ITB SC had done a faculty visit to FITB ITB 2018. The purpose of this activity is to introduce the freshmen what is SPE, the difference between member and officer, and benefits they can get by joining SPE. The visit was done in Oktagon and separated in two different rooms so all students can focus in undersanding the presentation by officers of SPE ITB SC. There are also elucidation about SPE ITB SC’s activities, such as competitions, workshops, visits, and many more, that SPE ITB SC is a professional student chapter that can be the one of the best place to develop their self.

After introducing the organization, this visit also introduced one of their major projects in collaboration with HMTM PATRA ITB and IATMI SM ITB, called IPFEST 2019. Introduced by Saif Izeldien Raizki, Project Manager of IPFEST 2019, the event is an annual International Petroleum competition-based event which is a combination of two previous major events, Integrated Petroleum Week (IPWeek) and Indonesian Petroleum Exhibition and Competition (IPEXC) ITB. With the theme: “Broadening insights on dealing with future energy demand” accompanied by hashtag #TackleTheChallenge, this project will be held in a series of events such as Blood Donation, Medical Checkup, Guest Lectures, Offshore Training, IP CONVEX, but also competitions on categories, for examples are Paper Competition, Smart Competition, Plan of Development Competition, Oil Rig Design Competition, and many more. To conclude, students were told that IPFEST 2019 will be holding their first Open Recruitment for staffs, by introducing many divisions in the project, but also many benefits that students can get for joining the event as staff.

The desired output of this visit is to reach the number of participants of IPFEST 2019 and to increase the number of members of SPE ITB SC. For those of you who would like to join as IPFEST 2019 staff, you can access bit.ly/JoinIPFEST2019 and simply fill the form. (Khadijah Muna)


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