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Written by Lambang T. Handoko

Oil is one of the most essential commodities in the world. In today’s world, we can say that oil can be as essential as water. This is attributed to the fact that most machinery and engines run we use in our daily life using oil. It means that industries, motor vehicles and other machineries require oil to function. As a result, oil is rightfully a necessity for countries producing different products and has an efficient transport system. However, different countries have different levels of oil consumption with some countries consuming more oil than others. Let us reveal the top 7 of the biggest oil consuming countries in the world. Here they are.


Brazil is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in the world according to the latest statistics. This is attributed to the administrative policy of putting more emphasis on the growth of industries consequently leading to improvements of the existing industries and also the establishment of new industries. This growth has also led to development in other sectors of the economy including infrastructure and economic well being of the country’s resident. The direct impact of these developments is an increased oil consumption so as to sustain the industries and fuel the increased number of vehicles in the country. Brazil’s approximate oil consumption is 2,229,000 barrels per day.


Germany has been dominant in economical and industrial development where for a long time it has been rated amongst the most developed and most industrious countries in the world. Germany is also renowned for its manufacturing prowess due to the many manufactured products it exports to other countries. Consequently, Germany, for a long time, has had a high demand for oil to sustain the many industries with its daily consumption being estimated to be 2,495,000 barrels per day.


India is big country geographically and is amongst the most populated countries in the world. The country also has a significant percentage of poor people who use oil for various day to day activities. As a result, the country requires big quantities of oil to sustain the requirements of the big population. India’s daily oil consumption is 3,182,000 barrels per day.


Russia is among the largest countries geographically with an equally large population. The country is also economically well allowing the residents to readily afford and purchase different types of machinery that use oil. Furthermore, the country also produces different products and it has a high number of industries. The approximate daily oil consumption of Russia is 3,199,000 barrels per day.


Japan is also a very populated country with most of the country’s residents being economically stable. The country is also very industrious with numerous industries in various parts of the country. Furthermore, Japan is also known for having efficient transport systems which increases the number of vehicles in the road. All these parts of the economy demands high quantities of oil making it a huge oil consumer. The country’s approximate daily oil consumption is 4,452,000 barrels every day.


China has grown tremendously since the recent past making it the largest industrious nation in the world. The country is also highly populated and combines the rich as well as the poor people together. Furthermore, the infrastructure of the country is top class and a significant percentage of the population can afford to buy vehicles to use on these roads. The tremendous growth is primarily attributed to the fact that the majority of the residents are very hard working and the many industries have adequate manpower. These factors have made the oil consumption of the country to be high with the approximate daily consumption being 9,400,000 barrels.


The United States is one of the biggest countries when it comes to geographical measurements. Its population is also big with people spread throughout the various states. Furthermore, the country is an economic power house with the biggest population being able to purchase personal motor vehicles and other assorted machines that use oil. Furthermore, the country is also renowned for being industrious since it has diverse industries to manufacture different products. These sectors require a high quantity of oil to be able to sustain them all. The United States drills some of the oils consumed in the country but also imports other quantities. The approximate daily consumption in United States is 19,150,000 barrels per day according to the latest statistics.

(Source: http://www.therichest.com/expensive-lifestyle/location/the-10-biggest-oil-consuming-countries-in-the-world/)


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