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“Technical Class” is one of the event, guest lecture type, that was held by three big organizations in Petroleum Engineering Institut Teknologi Bandung. The organizations are SPE ITB SC, HMTM “PATRA” ITB, and IATMI SM ITB. This event was held in Total Handill Room every Friday from 13.30 p.m. until 15.30 p.m. Technical Class is a guest lecture that is important for Petroleum Engineering ITB students to improve their knowledge about petroleum engineering from upstream to downstream sectors.

As an overview, Technical Class invited the speakers that have many experiences and high skill in Petroleum Engineering. The technical class was divided into five section, as we know from Technical Class 1.0 to 5.0. The first Technical Class is about Reservoir Engineering and raised the theme “What is it like to be a Reservoir Engineering ?” With the speaker Ardian Putra (PE’06) as Senior Reservoir Engineer at Mandala Energy Lemang Pte. Ltd., he explained about the life cycle of upstream oil and gas industry, the principle in reservoir engineering, things we do as a reservoir engineer. Reservoir engineers also need data like core data, PVT data, log data, MDT data, and well test data. Besides that, reservoir engineer must know about reserves, production forecast, and well performance.


Next Technical Class is focused on Well Completion and Workover with the speakers Mr. Hendrazid as Drilling and Workover Advisor III PT. Pertamina Hulu Indonesia. The discussion that is important was about the definition of well completion, what completion engineers do, and an overview of workover activities.

Technical Class 3.0 was hosted by speaker, Andru Ferdian as Team Lead Eastern Hub Operation Production Engineer at Medco Energy Natuna Ltd. Although the participants were from petroleum engineering major, he still explained first about the basics of production engineering and artificial lift. He told that artificial lift is needed to increase the production of oil. An artificial lift can be classified into gas lift, SRP, ESP, and PCP. For each type of artificial lift, there are advantages and disadvantages can we take. Next explanation about VLP-IPR curve and pressure depth with the application and simple exercises for the participant.

Technical Class 4.0 invited Edy Subiantoro ( Chairman Technical Group Discussion SPE Java Section) as the speaker for this session. The topic was EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), one of tertiary recovery. From this class, we could get more information about the technology of EOR, application of EOR, and methods can we find in EOR.

Last technical class brings the theme Management and Contract of Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia by Budi Tyas Utomo as Senior Development Manager at Petrochina International Jabung Ltd. and Dodi Miyondri as Subdinas Teknologi Pengembangan Lapangan Minyak Tahap Lanjut. We could get, from this seminar, insight of oil and gas company. Beside of that, information about contractor and government relation in oil and gas business, play and the prospect of oil and gas in Indonesia could be obtained. (AK)

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