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Suban – South Sumatera Giant Fractured Gas Reservoir Development and Challanges

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – A technical guest lecture themed “Suban – South Sumatera Giant Fractured Gas Reservoir Development and Challanges” by ConocoPhillips was held on Friday (26/08/17) 1-3PM at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building. All participants were excited to join so the room was filled up. SPE ITB SC, in collaboration with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM ‘PATRA’ ITB organized very first guest lecture this semester. Abdel (PE’15) was the moderator for this lecture.

Mr. Iskandar Muda opened the session by giving brief explanation about ConocoPhillips and a chance to do Practical Work and Internship Programs for those who are interested to register. Mr. Martin Mlacnik and Mr. Hani Mohede (Petroleum Engineering ITB Alumnus) are Reservoir Engineer at Suban Field. This field was discovered in 1998 and the reservoir is composed by Batu Raja, Talang Akar, Basemeut. The hydrocarbon type is retrogade gas. Reservoir modelling is driven by heterogenity, fluid type and production mechanism. At first, they thought the reservoir at Suban was simple, but actually it was more complex. They showed the graph P/Z plot versus GP, and there were two data which is out of the straight line and concluded that the tank were not perfectly connected, so pressure drop occured. Identification of major and minor faults are by geomodelling, which is matrix and fracture modelling. For continous production, they need static grad survey (static pressure is determined by inserting wireline into the one which contain gauge pressure).

After the presentation from ConocoPhillips, it was time for question and answer session. The question are just limited for three people at the beginning, but later the moderator decided to gave chance for participant who still had questions. At the end, all speakers are handed memento by committee. This event was closed by photo session for ConocoPhillips staff and all participants.

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