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Star Energy Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant: a Hope for 42 Years Supply of Electricity

SPE ITB SC has conducted field trip to one of Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia, Star Energy Geothermal Power Plant Wayang Windu which is located 40 km in south Bandung. On Wednesday (15/11/17), 28 participants arrived at 7 am in the field.

The area of the field is estimated 12960 ha, but the area that has been used until now is only 133 ha or only 1% of the total area. There are still a lot of spaces for development since this field is expected to deliver power for 42 years. And the other great things about this field, it employs the largest turbine unit in the world.

Before visiting the plant, as usual, the participants were given Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) induction in Wayang Windu room by Mr. Anton as The SHE Manager of Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant. The participants would be given an Visitor ID Card and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). H2S existence must be awared by the participants in system and production well.

After SHE Induction, there was brief overview about PLTP Wayang Windu given by Mr. Dwi as Production Department representative. He showed a video about geothermal plant process starting from the production of geothermal well, transportation process, separation and also injection well. Afterward, he even explained more details about the process. Geothermal fluid from producing well is transported to separator, while the brine will be transported to brine injector. Gas and steam are transported to scrubber about 500 m to 1 km in distance using insulated pipe. Then, the process continue to turbine with pressure 9.6 barg and temperature of 180o C. This turbine will spin the blade which generates electricity. After that, the steam will be transported to condenser to cool down the steam to 40-50o C. Gas Removal System is used to remove non-condensable gas (NCG) in condenser system. The water as by product of the electricity generation will be used in cooling tower and condensate injector.

In Wayang Windu field, there are two turbines. The first unit generates electricity output 110 Mwe while the second unit can generate to 2117 Mwe. Now, the third and fourth turbine are under development and expected to generate 60 Mwe. After that, all the electricity is given to PLN. There are 56 wells in total with 35 production wells, 5 injection wells, 4 dry wells, 6 exploration wells and 6 abandoned wells. The reservoir temperature is 260-325oC and 1300 to 2500 m in depth. Mr. Dwi also explained about operation activities, maintenance activity, well repair and monitoring, drilling, integrated management system. The management system is already linked to integrated internal system.

Wayang Windu also received national and international award such as OHSAS 180001, Gold Proper Award, Energi Pratama Award, Best Aditama Award, and Best Sustainability reporting. Then, we have chance to visit Power station, scrubber, separator, and injection Well.

After the presentation, the participants were guided to take a brief look around the Wayang Windu geothermal plant, visiting the power station, scrubber, separator and also the injection well. Before heading back to Bandung, SPE ITB SC gave a memento to Star Energy.

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