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  • BP

BP has operated for over 35 years in Indonesia, a country home to over 210 million people. Today, BP is one of its largest foreign investors with cumulative capital investment to date of over US$5 billion. Through various heritage companies, BP is one of the largest foreign investors in Indonesia. Activities are dominated by its exploration and production business, notably the Tangguh LNG in West Papua. BP also has downstream interests in petrochemicals and lubricants. BP Indonesia currently employs over 1,200 people, most of whom work in and around capital of Jakarta or close to the main asset in Papua Barat. Tangguh LNG is BP’s most substansial business in Indonesia. It involves the development of 6 gas fields in the Wiriagar, Berau and Muturi PSCs in Bintuni Bay, Papua Barat.  Produced through offshore platforms, the gas is brought ashore, processed into liquefied natural gas (LNG) and loaded for the shipment.



Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) is an institution established by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia under Presidential Regulation Number 9 of 2013 on Management of Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities. SKK Migas is assigned to manage the upstream oil and gas business activities under a Cooperation Contract. The establishment of this institution is purposed that the exploitation of the state’s oil and gas natural resources will be able to generate maximum benefits and revenue to the state for the greatest welfare of the people. In performing those tasks, SKK Migas performs several functions, 2 of them are signing Cooperation Contracts and granting an approval for the work programs and budget.


Founded in 1926, the company takes its name from Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, brothers who transformed the energy industry with the revolutionary idea of using electrical measurements to map subsurface rock formations. Schlumberger employs over 118,000 people in more than 85 countries. It leverages strong local experience,diversity in thought, background, and knowledge that more than 140 nationalities bring. With a history and culture of science, and inovation, Schlumberger believes that it is the world’s largest oilfield services company. Schlumberger also aims to do business in a consistent and transparent way with all its clients. Its people invent, design, engineer, and apply technologies that help customers find and produce oil and gas more efficiently and safely—often in challenging locations.


ConocoPhillips operates worldwide with assets and businesses in almost 30 countries. These areas are represented by diverse people, cultures and values, all of which play a crucial role in the company’s activities. ConocoPhilips itself has had a presence in Indonesia for more than 40 years. At ConocoPhillips, responsibly delivering energy to the world is just the beginning. As an international exploration & production company, ConocoPhillips realizes the extent of its global impact, which is why the company conducts its business in a safe, environmentally responsible and ethical manner. The people at ConocoPhillips are the driving force behind the company’s success. From the company’s beginning in 1875, its people have been the catalyst for innovation in all aspects of the business.


Total is a global energy producer and provider with operations that span the oil and gas chain. Developing alternative energies such as solar, biomass and nuclear power is also a one of its core commitments. Total is leveraging its integrated business model to take advantage of synergies among its various activities worldwide. These activities are divided into three businesses: upstream, refining and chemicals, and marketing and services. It is present in all parts of the world: on land and at sea, and from densely populated areas to desert regions. As an energy producer, it believes it is its responsibility to facilitate access to energy, particularly. It wants to promote access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy sources for low-income populations.



ExxonMobil affiliates and predecessor companies have been operating in Indonesia for more than 100 years. While today’s world continues to change, ExxonMobil’s high standards and expectations in all its business areas remain distinguished. ExxonMobil in Indonesia takes pride in its history and significant contribution to the prosperity of the country and it is committed to continue building from its past successes to help meet the increasing energy challenges of the future. ExxonMobil believes that they can help meet the energy challenges while operating in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner in Indonesia and anywhere in the world as well.


Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. It employs more than 72,000 people who represent 140 nationalities in approximately 80 countries. The company serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir – from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production through the life of the field. In the business, Halliburton comprises 13 product service lines (PSLs). The PSLs operate in two divisions, which are Drilling and Evaluation, and Completion and Production.


Weatherford is one of the largest global providers of products and services that span the drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention cycles of oil and natural gas wells. Weatherford is a new breed of service company—one that can provide the industry with extended products and services, more efficient operations, more powerful research and development capabilities and greater geographic diversity. Today’s Weatherford is the result of internal growth and innovation, as well as the consolidation of more than 250 strategic acquisitions over the past 13 years. From a strategic standpoint, Weatherford has two key objectives, which are efficiency and productivity.


Chevron is a major partner in Indonesia’s economy and an active member of the community. Through its wholly owned subsidiary PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, it is the largest producer of Indonesia’s crude oil. Chevron is currently searching for new crude oil and natural gas reserves from central Sumatra to offshore East Kalimantan. It continues to innovate with new technologies that are used to sustain and enhance production from existing reservoirs. Its geothermal operations in Indonesia help make Chevron the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world. Chevron sells lubricants in Indonesia through the subsidiary PT Chevron Oil Products Indonesia.


PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) is established as a subsidiary company of PT Pertamina (Persero). PHE is a national operator of Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in Indonesia, in the business of oil and natural gas exploration and exploitation. PHE is one of the Upstream Directorate subsidiaries working in the oil and gas upstream business, and is also an upstream business vehicle for managing the domestic and overseas cooperation portofolio in the form of: PSC, Joint Operating Body-PSC (JOB-PSC), Indonesian Participating/Pertamina Participating Interest, and Badan Operasi Bersama. PHE’s overseas working areas include in Iraq, Vietnam, Malaysia, Lybia, Sudan, Qatar, and Australia.


VICO Indonesia’s roots lie in the pioneering spirit and vision of the independent oil and gas company who brought LNG to Indonesia in 1977. For more than three decades, VICO has been a leader in Indonesia for finding and developing energy resources vital to economic, infrastructure and social developing of a modern vibrant nation. The VICO of today is a dynamic and thriving company that builds on the original pioneering spirit and vision through the talent, energy, and ingenuity of its talented workforce. VICO was the first company to bring LNG to Indonesia and is an industry leader in HSE.


Statoil is an international energy company with operations in 35 countries. Building on 40 years of experience from oil and gas production on the Norwegian continental shelf, it is committed to accommodating energy needs of the world in a responsible manner, applying technology, and creating innovative business solutions. The way Statoil works is as important as the goals Statoil achieves. It is headquartered in Norway and employs approximately 21,000 people worldwide. Statoil strongly believes that competitive returns for our shareholders are best achieved through a values-based performance culture, stringent ethical requirements, and a code of conduct which promotes personal integrity.



PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina) is the oil and gas producer and distributor in the oil and gas industry in China. PetroChina was established as a joint stock company with limited liability under the Company Law of the Republic of China on November 5, 1999, as part of the restructuring of China National Petroleum Corporation. Indonesia is the first of PetroChina’s international oil and gas exploration and production operations, with fields in Jabung (province of Jambi), Irian Jaya, and East Java.


Premier Oil Indonesia is an operator of West Natuna Sea Block A, and it has been producing for a decade. In 1996, Premier acquired Sumatra Gulf Oil Ltd which gave it a majority interest in the Natuna Sea Block A offshore Indonesia, comprising the Anoa oil field and substantial gas reserves, as well as exploration prospects. Premier Oil supplies the gas used to generate one third of Singapore’s domestic electricity needs down a 650km pipeline from the Anoa field into Singapore.


PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (MedcoEnergi) is an Indonesia-based oil and gas exploration and production company. It is engaged in oil and natural gas exploration and production, and onshore and offshore drilling  involved in power generation, renewable fuels, chemicals and other energy-related fields, such as electricity, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) processing, trading and distribution of high speed diesel, gas transportation and coal mining. In the near future, MedcoEnergi plans to venture into sources of renewable energy and the geothermal industry.



PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ (PHE ONWJ) is located on the Offshore North West Java with current concession area is 8,279 km2, spreading from the north of Cirebon on to east to the Thousand Islands (DKI Jakarta). All gas production from ONWJ is for gas domestic demands for PT PLN, PT PGN, PupukKujang and BalonganRefinerey; includes Public Service Obligation (PSO).


Tenaris is a supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. The main Tenaris manufacturing facility in Indonesia is located in the heart of the country’s steel center, about 100 km west of Jakarta. It has a total production capacity of more than 120,000 metric tons per year of carbon and chrome pipes.


PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk (ENRG) is an upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Jakarta, listed on June 4, 2004 at Indonesia Stock Exchange. ENRG is engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and gas, onshore and offshore in Indonesia. ENRG has operations spanning the Indonesian archipelago from the northern part of Sumatra, to East Kalimantan, Java and Eastern Indonesia.


PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO. is the operator of the West Madura Production Sharing Contract Since 7th May 2011. PHE The current oil production is about 14.000 bopd and gas production is about 165 mmscfd are maintained through offshore facilities located Northwest of Madura Island and are supported by an onshore base and gas receiving facilities located in Gresik, East Java.

  • BNI 46

PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is the first bank formed and owned by the Indonesian Government, established on July 5, 1946. The date of the Bank BNI’s establishment was designated as National Bank Day. BNI operates a wide ranging service network, comprising 1,364 domestic outlets and 5 overseas branches in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • HESS

Hess Corporation (Hess), incorporated on February 7, 1920, is a global integrated energy company that operates in two segments: Exploration and Production also Marketing and Refining. The E&P segment explores for develops, produces, purchases, transports and sells crude oil and natural gas.  The M&R segment manufactures refined petroleum products and purchases, markets and trades refined petroleum products, natural gas and electricity.


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