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SPE Teach English

Social Service division has to conduct some social activity programs. One of Social Service purpose is to help kids to learn english by conducting SPE Teach English For Kids. SPE Teach English For Kids is a social service program which be held to help elementary students to learn english. In this event, we share our knowledge especially english skill (speaking, grammar, etc).

In this global era, where everything is globalized and people are urged to be able to communicate globally. English language plays a very important role, especially in international communication. Therefore, it is very important for us to acquire English as the second language in order to be able to keep up with the globalization.

Based on these, the SPE ITB SC tries to commit in terms of the development of English language education at the elementary level. This commitment that eventually became our foundation in conducted SPE Teach English.We conducted this event  at SDN Pelesiran.At There  we teach to six grade student of SDN Pelesiran . There are two classes at Six Grade. Class 6A consist of 23 kids and Class 6B consist of 28 kids. To make teaching more efficiently, we divided each of classes into four groups in each class.Then each groups have the unique name for each group.This event  took 2 hours from 07.30 until 09.30.

For the event, we made three games. First, we emphasize about vocabulary learning. Each of students was given a worksheet.Then I wrote a word at whiteboard , the example RAJAWALI ,then they had to make some word from that. The example are jaw,law and etc. So they just took the alphabet from example was RAJAWALI and then arrange a new word .Then after that I spelled the vocabulary that they had written at worksheet  then we spelled it together and tried to translate it english into indonesian. Beside that, we make a games which i gave them some quizes and for the students that could answer the questions will be given some merchandises. The children was very attracted with our  method because we were practicing english by doing some games. Next,at game two we also emphasize about vocabulary the name of the game is linking words, so they would continue the end of each word , the example is END so the other group had to continue the new word with use D as intitial alphabet.Then the last game we emphasize about listening , so i wrote some words that have same pronuncation. The example are six and sick . So i would spelled one of them and then they would choose one of them.

Teaching in elementary school is not easy as it seems. In elementary students age, they are in the changing phase from playing phase to learning phase. And also their phsycologic. They think only play and play. We are here to facilitate them to learn by playing. We have to make them attracted to us to make sure they have their attention. We must have flexibelity and creativity so the students will not feel bored.

The event was conducted successfully, all of the comittee teach english very well. The kids are very enthusiastic for our coming and learning session is very attractive for the kids.


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