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A lot of excitement and enthusiasm can be felt on November 3rd 2018 as SPE ITB SC held an internal competition for ITB undergraduate students interested in energy, especially in the oil and gas industry. The objective of this competition is to prepare undergraduate students in ITB before joining the upcoming competition by giving them real-life competition experience.

There are four competitions to be joined. Those competitions consist of Smart Competition, Paper Competition, Oil Rig Design Competition, and Case Study Competition. Smart competition challenges teams to compete in a fast-paced quiz about the technical and trivial aspect of the oil and gas industry. Paper competition challenges delegates to innovate in oil and gas industry by proposing a new thesis or further investigate on existing thesis. Oil rig design competition expects teams to implement their technical knowledge and creativity by designing an offshore oil rig. Meanwhile, case study competition challenges delegates to propose a solution towards certain cases.

This event was well-responded by ITB undergraduate students as there were a total of eighty-four delegates ready to compete for the prizes. The event started at 8 a.m with an opening by the MC and speech from SPE ITB SC President, Mr. Putra Arcana. The delegates then went to their competition room to prepare themselves and compete against each other. All competitions except Oil Rig Design Competition ended around 11 a.m and all teams gather to the meeting room to have a sharing session with the judges. The judges appreciate all delegates for giving the absolute best effort in competing and the delegates were given valuable insight, evaluation, and suggestion in every competition. Before the event comes to an end, there was a winner announcement and prize awarding.

The winner and runner-up of Superbowl competitions will get prize money, e-sertificate, and a freepass to upcoming external competition which is beneficial, so they do not need to do an internal selection. Nonetheless, learning experience is more valuable when it comes to prize as proverb says “Experience is the best teacher”. Hopefully the delegates will learn more and eventually win on an upcoming competition. (TA)



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