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SPE SC ITB Leadership Training and the First Internal Gathering

Internal bonding between all board and staff is an important thing to be present in every organization in order to create a comfort atmosphere in work and easier to socialize with others in that organization. However, if there is a lack of internal bonding within an organization, there will be a strain on all board and staff of that organization, and then would lead to the inconvenience of working and harder in socialize with others in that organization.

To answer the above challenges, SPE SC ITB had conducted Leadership Training and the First Internal Gathering at Ranca Upas, Ciwidey, on Sunday, 30 September 2012. The participants are 45 persons, consist of boards and staffs, and the participants were separated into 4 groups. There were 3 trainers from Ranca Upas Team. A lot of games were played, essentially aimed to train the team work, cooperation, and trust to the partner. In addition to the teamwork games, there were also several high rope games for fun. For instance, Bungee Trampoline and Flying Fox which improves our courage and it implies our way to be the leader to ourselves and others.
During the lunch, the entire participant joined the Internal Gathering. The interest thing was the Internal Gathering was conducted in the army tent. The main purposes of this first Internal Gathering were to welcoming the new staffs and also introduce them to all participants. There was also a presentation which came from all board to explain about their division general description and the event that has been conducted or an upcoming event in their division. Don’t forget to mention about the quiz, with the great prize for the person who can answer the question correctly, which enhanced the fun level of Internal Gathering.

All people in this event was having so much excitement, so many laugh that came from every people mouth, and most of all, this event was shared joy, happiness and love to every people who has joined it. Happiness and intimate relationship fell strong that day, we hope that this is our new beginning to start working together as a solid team.

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