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SPE President Visit 2015 in Trisakti University

spe president visit

On May 14th, Mr. Nathan Meehan, the reigning President of SPE International, was visiting Trisakti University along with his Indonesia trip to Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Besides Trisakti University, he also visited UGM and UPN Yogyakarta. SPE ITB SC, SPE UI SC and SPE UNPAD SC were also invited as delegates in this event.

Mr. Nathan Meehan is the newest president in charge, in period 2015-2016. He is also the President of CMG Consulting and Senior Executive Adviser at Baker Hughes. In this visit, Mr. Nathan Meehan was also accompanied by Mr. Salis Aprilian, Member at Supervisory Commitee Pertamina and President Director at PT Badak NGL,  as SPE Regional Director of Southern Asia-Pacific Region.

SPE President Visit in Trisakti University was conducted in D Building Auditorium, Campus A Trisakti University Jakarta. The main purpose of this event is for delegates from SPE SC in Java Region, can lively interact and know more about SPE International current president, Mr. Nathan Meehan. In this event, he gave short lecture about oil and gas industry to delegates from SPE SC invited. SPE Trisakti and SPE UI were also giving short presentation about their student chapter.

In his lecture, Mr. Nathan Meehan was encouraging us as young students, to participate more mainly in new research and innovations, especially in the oil and gas industry. SPE SC, should be platform to students to enhance their skills, especially petroleum industry related skills, in order to develop their potential to the fullest, and also to become the solution of problems in the industry, impacting in increasing effectivity and productivity widely in the industry.

To sums up, this SPE President Visit 2015 in Trisakti University actually went really well, only the crowd were seriously lacking of enthusiasms, especially from Trisakti as the university being visited, mainly because the event was held on national public holiday.

Overall, Mr. Nathan Meehan was delivering a very informative and absolutely inspiring lecture to motivate and encourage us as young students.

Let us hope SPE International and SPE SC worldwide, especially in Indonesia, can excel to the fullest, developing potential of young students and be the solution to problems in the industry.

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