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SPE ITB SC’s First Internal Gathering

internal gathering

The boards of SPE ITB SC this year has its own plan to increase the loyalty, togetherness, and family orientation between every boards, partners, and even the member of SPE ITB SC. Regarding that vision, one of the mission to accomplish this vision is to conduct an internal activity. On April 18th 2014, Domestic Concern division conducted the first internal gathering which is specialized for the boards of SPE ITB SC. Located in Cisitu Indah St. in Bandung, we conducted the gathering event at our President and Head of Internal Department dormitory home.

The gathering itself consist of the main activity which is cooking together and had an evening lunch within the boards of SPE ITB SC. Preparation started from the morning where some of us bought the ingredients and tools used for the cooking process . We went to Borma, one of the vast and complete supermarket in Bandung.

The preparation continued in the afternoon where 3 of our main master chef, Vany (Vice President), Aji (Head of Internal Department), and Inci (Head of Human Resource Division) collaborated with each other inventing the masterpiece food. Soon after the preparation, boards starting to arrive at the venue and helped the cooking process too, started on making the mixed meat grill as the main course by skewering mixture of fresh chicken meat, pineapple, and paprika and making it like a satay just before it will be grilled later on. While the boys are busy preparing the mixed grill, the girls has their own business on preparing the fried rice to accompany the mixed meat grill. We realize it was such a fun collaboration between us, making it more comfortable for us to cooperate with each other for the next one year.

After the exhausting cooking preparation, the evening lunch finally held at around 3.00 pm. Almost all of us attended this gathering. We mingled with each other accompanied with a bunch of fried rice and mixed meat grill to complete the evening. It’s more like empowering ourselves to maintain this togetherness for the upcoming one year ahead.

The gathering end up at around 6.00 pm along with the Maghreb prayer for the Muslim. It was quite a nice gathering to start for this boards, and once again this gathering actually has the objective to strengthen the bond between the boards of SPE ITB SC where every department and division can also derive this bond for their partners too later on.

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