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SPE ITB SC Shone Bright on PETROWEEK 2017

JAKARTA, speitbsc.org – PETROWEEK 2017 was successfully held by SPE Trisakti SC in Trisakti University, Jakarta, from Wednesday — Friday (13–15/09/17). This event consisted of pre-events and main events such as International Case Study Competition, International Petrosmart Competition, International Oil Rig Competition, and International Student Paper Contest. This year, SPE Trisakti SC brought PETROWEEK 2017 under the theme of “Convalescence to Transcendence: What to Improve to Evolve”. Its aim is to grasp what we can do as future engineers to improve in various aspects to overcome the tough era in the oil and gas industry.

Therefore, SPE ITB SC took part in this event by sending delegates to join some competitions, i.e. Case Study, Petrosmart, and Oil Rig Competition. Eventually, delegates of SPE ITB SC ended up going home with some victory trophies.

International Case Study Competition

All teams of SPE ITB SC which joined this competition has successfully managed to gain the first and second position. The team consisted of Mila Ghani Kurniawati (PE 2014), Harris Pramana (PE 2014), and Novrisal Prasetya (PE 2014), gained the first place and the other team consisted of Aulia Siamanda (PE 2014), Wingky Suganda (PE 2014), and Brigitha Amelinda Deviana (PE 2014) gained the second place. “I want to sharpen my critical thinking and writing ability although previously I joined a business case competition”, Mila said. She did many things as preparation, such as reading lots of articles about regulations, political conflicts, consulting with lecturers, etc. “We got case about geothermal and new renewable energy (NRE) which basically analyzing Indonesia’s regulation about it and what we can improve to create independency and energy conservation”, Mila said.

International Petrosmart Competition

A team consisted Ridho Dewantoro (PE 2013), Muhammad Fahmi Gozal H (PE 2014), and Denny Van Anggara (PE 2015), has successfully gained the second position in this competition. “I wanted to feel the competition atmosphere and enrich my experience”, Denny said. As the youngest member of this team, Denny found some obstacles in preparing this competition such as he hasn’t learnt completely related to the petroleum studies and most of the matters even haven’t been taught because he is now still in fifth semester. “Because it was my very first experience, i was a little bit confused about the technical and rules. I was nervous in the beginning but eventually I could cope with it”, Denny added. Furthermore, Denny said “Many people believe that efforts will never betray results, but we need to remember that efforts also have efficiency, so that we have to maximize the efforts which will give the maximum results”.

International Oil Rig Competition

For this competition, all teams of SPE ITB SC also successfully gained the second and third position. The second position was gained by the team consisted of Irfan Rafi (PE 2014), Rafi Irfan (PE 2014), Abdel Jawad Sodiq (PE 2014), Fitra Febrina (Architecture 2014), dan Larasita (OE 2014), and the third position was achieved by another team consisted of Ainun Naviz Afzan (PE 2014), Willy Chandra (PE 2014), Siptian Nugrahawan (PE 2014), Muhamad Danang Priambodo (ME 2014), and Antonio Juan Tanujaya (OE 2014). “This competition is not only about PE, but also needs aspects from other majors”, Irfan Rafi said. Like many other delegates, Irfan Rafi also found some obstacles in preparing this competition. “The biggest problem is about the time. We have different schedule so it was hard to find the proper time and gathered all members to discuss about the competition. And for the execution, one of our member was unable to make it to the competition day so there were only four members left”. As addition, Irfan Rafi also said, “We need to commit and elaborate all the aspects if we want to continue because it was my very first oil rig competition while my team and I still want to join in many other oil rig competitions. So, wish the best for NAVILUX”.


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