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SPE ITB SC Company Visit to Chevron

Written by: Dicky Alviansyah

SPE ITB SC has done the first company roadshow of 2017/2018 administration on Friday (26/05/17) to Chevron’s office in Central Senayan Building, Jakarta. The visit took two hours from 9 until 11 am. SPE ITB SC’s representatives were welcomed by Sponsorship Public Relation of Chevron Indonesia, Mr. Jordi. Delegations of SPE ITB SC who visited Chevron were the President of SPE ITB SC, some boards of SPE ITB SC, and Public Relation Division’s officers. During this visit, Luthfan Desmono as the President of SPE ITB SC delivered explanation about SPE ITB SC and its upcoming programs, while Mr. Jordi delivered the explanation about the one-time event sponsorship procedure. Apart from getting insight about sponsorship, this visit, which was arranged by Public Relation Division of SPE ITB SC, was held as the means of maintaining and strengthening the relationship between SPE ITB SC and the company.

The outputs of this visit are SPE ITB SC is given an chance invite Chevron to give guest lecture which is held by SPE ITB SC and also SPE ITB SC can build partnership in the form of sponsorship with Chevron for both big annual event which are IPFest and Petrofest.

Participant also got a chance to know more about Chevron. Basically, Chevron has three divisions related to non-governmental groups, i.e.  Sponsorship (related to one-time event), Community and Social Responsibility (related to sustainable activity of society or organization), and University Partnership Program (related to student’s researches). Hopefully, next time there will be another possible collaboration between SPE ITB SC and other divisions that will be able to create an impact to oil and gas industry in general.

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