Jl. Ganeca 10, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia


SPE Green Campaign is one of SPE ITB SC big project to contribute socializing oil and gas industry to wide society in Bandung. This event was conducted on Sunday, December 20th 2015. The main purpose of this event is to spread the insight of petroleum industry to as many people as we can, so that we conduct this event on Car Free Day event on Jalan Dago Bandung. Hundreds of people were walking together on the street.


We spread our committees among the crowd and gave explanation to the pedestrians about the information about oil and gas industry and its waste management system. Most of people do not know about the waste management system on oil and gas industry and they thought that petroleum industry is not environmentally friendly, but after had our explanation they now that petroleum industry have the procedure to manage their waste, so that will not pollute the environment.


After they had our explanation, we offered them to make short campaign about the petroleum industry environmentally friendly by taking a video and asked them to share their video, so that more people know about this information. After they made a campaign, we gave them a plant to spread the energy of clean environment campaign.


Overall this event were conducted very successfully, pedestrians were very happy and interested in this event and then now they have a new insight of oil and gas industry as a clean industry and could be our future hope for energy sources.

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