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SPE Goes To School


As it was planned before, SPE SC ITB would conduct SPE Goes to School in at least 3 high schools. The first high school we visited for this event was SMA Alfa Centauri Bandung. Inside 45 minutes we had to conduct a presentation, we used the first 5 minutes for introduction, including introducing SPE. The next 10 minutes we delivered a brief overview about our university, ITB. The next 25 minutes we presented about Petroleum Engineering, what we do here, and the updated news about petroleum world, and also about petroleum industry in Indonesia. We used the last session for question and answer session and also quiz session. The underlying purpose of this event is to introduce our major, Petroleum Engineering, to the high school students.

In SMA Alfa Centauri, we were given a chance to deliver presentation in 4 classes. In each class, we had different speaker who delivered the topic. But, we addressed and presented same topic and presentation. Not only we talked about Petroleum Engineering as a field of study, we also mentioned about other things like oil and gas industry in Indonesia and the situation about energy source in Indonesia. In all classes, the student showed a great interest to the presentation by asking many questions about the presentation, which mostly petroleum industry related. This SPE Goes to School has been prepared quite well. We have developed and enrich the presentation material from the previous SPE Goes to School which makes the delivered information becomes more dense, vivid, and interesting. The school has agreed to give us chance to deliver presentation using their BK hour, as long as their one period of school time which is 40 minutes. Although we had a short and limited time, but we managed to get through all of the materials we prepared. Overall, we are very glad to see that the students showed a great deal of interest on the topic we presented.

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