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SPE Goes to Jogja


Jogjakarta is one of the most amazing city in the island of Java. It has many things to offer, starting from the culture, culinary, and art. But that’s not the only reason why we are intrigued with Jogjakarta. The other important reason is because of the quality of the universitiesPeople used to call Jogjakarta as “Kota Pelajar” or “City of Students” and this is because Jogjakarta has the biggest and oldest university in Indonesia which is Universitas Gajah Mada. UGM has a lot of majors including Geophysics, Geology, and Chemical Engineering but there is no Petroleum Engineering. But, there is only one university in Jogjakarta that has Petroleum Engineering major and it is Universitas Pahlawan Nasional Veteran Jogjakarta. Both of these universities has a student chapter that consists not only Petroleum Engineering students but also Geophysics, Geology, and Chemical Engineering students. So, we decided to go to Jogja and meet both of the student chapters and hopefully we can bond more with them and learn more about their student chapter and their department. Unfotunately, we were only able to see the UPN’s Petroleum Department Building and their laboratories. It turns out that our fellow SPEs at UGM weren’t able to give us the grand tour since they were in the middle of the exams.

And so, we went to UPN, to their Petroleum Department Building and into one of the class to start the benchmarking event. We prayed and sang the national anthem of Indonesia all together to open the event. It was nice actually and such a great way of keeping the nationalism spirit of us students. Then the remarks from each SPE presidents or a representative and another remark from the project manager of this event. After that we shared a lot of information between the student chapters by doing a little presentation done by each of the presidents and we had a little discussion. After the sharing session we took a break for lunch and Friday Prayers for the Moslems. We took this chance to bond even more with our new or even old friends from Jogjakarta. We find that the more we discuss topics outside SPE, such as our majors, the news, or even food, we began to see another side of them and it was really fun to build a strong relationship with people with the sampe professional background like this. When the Moslem men finished their prayer we began the lab tour and a little PE sharing. We visited the Reservoir Fluids Lab, Welllog Lab, and some others. It turns out that UPN has a laboratory for Production and Drilling Engineering that us, ITB, don’t have. But we didn’t go to the lab because it’s located in the other UPN campus. When we finished this lab tour we came to learn that other university has different ways practicing in the lab and an even different style of curriculum.

We ended the day with a picture and special mementos for the SPE UPN SC and UGM SC. And so the benchmarking event was finished. We’re glad to say that it all went well and we reached our purposes of conducting the event. We hope to visit Jogjakarta again very soon.

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