Jl. Ganeca 10, Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

SPE Gathering Java Section

Villa Bisvaq, Komplek Villa Istana Bunga, Jl. Kolonel Matsuri KM.9, Bandung, Jawa Barat
August 27-28th, 2016

SPE Gathering Java Section was held on August 27-28th, 2016 at Villa Bisvaq, Komplek Villa Istana Bunga, Jl. Kolonel Matsuri KM.9, Bandung, Jawa Barat. This is the first time gathering of SPE Java Section. The number of SPE SC participant from various universities in Java join this gathering. There were SPE UI SC, SPE Unpad SC, SPE UPN SC, SPE ITSB SC, and SPE UGM SC. The purpose of this gathering was to have a fellowship with another SPE SC so we could share, learn, and know another SPE SC very well and have a special collaboration event in the future. Some SPE SC took part in the preparation of this event. SPE ITB SC took part in accommodation, SPE UI SC as treasurer & design committee, SPE Unpad SC as consumption committee, SPE Trisakti SC as event committee.

We started this gathering at the afternoon, as we waited for every SPE SC came to the villa. Then came to the part where everyone get to know each other and have some sharing about their life in campus. At night, everyone had a “bbq time” with the PIC from SPE Unpad SC, and we still shared stories with each other like talking about life in campus, SPE SC in every campus, lecturer in every campus, and so on. Everyone were laughing, sharing, talking, and discussing. It was a great night. Then in the middle of the night, everyone played a games in the living room and have a great fellowship with each other. We played a game called “werewolf”, conducted by SPE Unpad SC. It was really funny and from this game we could memorize names of every person who joined this game.

In the morning we have a presentation session from every universities’ SPE SC, talking about the board structure, big events, purpose of every SC, and so on. Especially for SPE ITB SC also talked about IPWeek, our biggest event of the year. Then it was the end of the gathering and we had a photo session together outside the villa. Not just formal photos but we also had many informal photos together with other SC, this showed we have developed chemistry between SPE SC in Java Section. That was the end of the gathering, then we went home with promise that this gathering event will be an annual event and we will have a big collaboration event in the future.

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