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Written by Bianca Edgina

To accomplished SPE ITB SC’s mission which is to established a working environment based on ownership and collaborative communication, SPE ITB SC conducted its very first gathering on April, 29th 2017 at Pasar Kuliner Tubagus Ismail. The event was attended by almost all boards and officers, and arranged by Internal Affairs Division.

Every boards and officers was given nametag so that we know each other name. The gathering opened by MCs, Axel from Public Relations Division and Johan from Business and Entrepreneurship Division. Luthfan and Dian as the President and Vice President of SPE ITB SC 2017/2018 delivered their welcoming speech afterward. Then each head of department, head of division and their subordinate had a chance to introduced themselves.

In order to ‘break the ice’, the MCs initiated a game called Charades to be played together with the participants. Each department send their two representatives to demonstrate the gesture and all participant was expected to guess what film represent the gesture.

After that, Luthfan explained about the vision and mission, continued by Dian, explained about the values of SPE ITB SC 2017/2018. Then all boards explain about description and work programs of each division. This session ended up with introduction of SPE Ambassador from 9 different major in ITB.

Because the lunch was not ready yet, the MCs decided to play games again, it was about guessing a song by listening to lyrics, but with no melody. Everyone show their enthusiasm in this game. When the lunch had already been prepared, all participants enjoyed their food.

Before the event dismissed, all new officers should took a individual photo for database. The gathering was closed by taking photos together and hopefully, all boards and officers are getting closer and may embrace each others.


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