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SPE Courtesy Visit to Indonesian Petroleum Association

Indonesia Stock Exchange Building Tower II 20th Floor #2001, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Courtesy Visit to Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) was held on May 1st, 2016 at the Indonesian Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta. This was was the first time SPE ITB SC 2016/2017 visited the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) as fellow non-profit organizations related to the growth of the petroleum industry. The number of participants that joined this benchmarking was only ten people which consisted of a number of SPE ITB SC boards and Integrated Petroleum Week 2017 representatives. The purpose of SPE ITB SC visiting IPA is to represent the new boards structure of SPE ITB SC and discuss in terms of mutual collaborations between both organizations and looking forward to maintain positive relationship opportunities. We were welcomed warmly by Mrs Majoljin Wajong as the Executive Director. The visit itself consisted of three sessions which were presentation, discussion, and photo session.

We started the first session by presenting our student chapter first. The presentation from SPE ITB SC was presented by Mr. Fikri Aulia Akbar as the President of SPE ITB SC 2016/2017 period. He explained all the work programs which had been done and the work programs which have been worked on and the upcoming plans. He also presented about the boards of SPE ITB SC and the goals and missions. After that, there was an overview presentation from the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) representatives and also a brief explanation about Indonesian regulations related to the petroleum industry development. After that, there was a presentation from the representatives of IPWeek 2017 as one of the biggest events conducted by SPE ITB SC this period.

Then, there was a discussion since it was the second session. This session mainly discussed about the possible collaborations that can be made between SPE ITB SC and IPA as fellow non-profit petroleum organizations regarding the positions that SPE ITB SC holds as a part of the student community and Indonesian Petroleum Association as a part of the petroleum industry professionals. SPE ITB SC and IPA looked interested to collaborate together help develop each of themselves. The IPWeek 2017 Committee was also looking to find an opportunity to collaborate with IPA as the petroleum industry-related organization had a vast networking between companies especially in Indonesia. The Indonesian Petroleum Association was also happy to hear about the collaboration invitation and the presentation from SPE ITB SC and IPWeek 2017 and also gave a couple suggestions about collaboration forms such as linkage to experts and also judges and speakers to fill up IPWeek 2017’s events.

Last session was photo session and we took some photos inside the office, and also some warming informal conversations were done after all of the sessions were finished. The expected outcome of this courtesy visit is to increase the exposure that both the student chapter and the companies receive towards one another and also to be able to build a sustainable mutual connection between both sides.

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