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Proverbs say “tak kenal, maka tak sayang“. With a mission to bring SPE ITB SC 2017/2018 officers together, the internal affairs division held SPE Camp.

This year’s SPE Camp was held for two days from Saturday (3/11) to Sunday (4/11) at Villa Lembang Asri, Lembang. The theme that had been taken wasa slumber party, thus every officers were asked to wear pajamas as the dress code to be worn on the day of the event. Although not all had done such for various reasons, at least most did.
Most officers gathered first at ITB’s front gate, or to be precise at the famously known “Kubus” by mid day, and went to the designated location at Lembang together by 3 pm on Saturday. The activities started at 7 pm at the villa’s main living room with an opening. After that, the officers that attended the camp was assigned to groups for the next activity: games.

The first game-activity consists of multiple mini-games at differents posts. The groups that the officers had been assigned to were to rotate different posts after some given time. In those different posts, there were the coin game, eatbulaga-like game, the pen in the bottle game and a unique guess-the-word game. In each posts, groups were given points which were then tallied at the end.

After the mini games, all groups were gathered again in the villa’s main living room, where multiple edited photos that mixes two officers’ faces into one were projected. Everyone had to guess whose faces are mixed and edited. Points were supposedly given to a group when their member were able to give the correct answer.

Later at night, the activities were supposed to end with a continue-the-lyrics game. Although in the end, the game turned into a sing along, where songs were played and everyone got into the vibe and started singing in harmony. The togetherness at that time were a sure felt one.

In the next day, before heading back to Bandung, officers were gathered at the basketball court to play a closing game, which was a capture the flag game that turned into a water balloon war. The officers were split into two groups, each standing on the one-half side of the basketball court. To capture the flag, group members had to cross the half-court line and avoid getting thrown water balloons at them. After the flag was successfully captured by one of the groups, the water war still continued and some had the mission to make every officer wet. In realizing such mission, some utilized water hose, dipper showers (gayung) and a bucket full of water, while chasing those with dry clothes. (GA)




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