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SPE Back to School: A Joyful Day in SDN 103

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Saturday (03/02/2018), Community Outreach Division of SPE ITB SC held a social event to SD Negeri 103 Coblong, which is called SPE Back to Elementary School. This event was meant to show our love and caring to society especially in education. The event was also held to encourage young generations to learn international language. That’s why in this event, we decided to teach English to elementary school students.

There were around 20  boards and officers of SPE ITB SC who attended this event. Especially Community Outreach Division officers and boards. President and Vice President of SPE ITB SC were there and also some head of departments. We prepared some games like hangman, charades, etc. for English teaching materials, and we were playing a new game which was similar to amazing race and it was held outdoor. At the end of this event, the winners of the game were announced and they were given the prize.

Started from 09.30, this event was ended on 11.30.  Before the games started, firstly the students were taught about basic mathematics using Indonesian currency as the object and some vocabularies that would be used in the games. After that, the events went right on to the games. And after all games were finished, we gave awards to the winners. Every break, we filled with singing and dancing. The atmosphere was so joyful.

It is known that second graders are so loud and energetic. But the teacher said we shouldn’t worry because there was a magic sentence. Just say out loud “KELAS DUA” and they would answer “SIAP” and magically, the class will suddenly be silent.

“It is definitely worth to be continued. Because the teacher was fond of our presence and hoped that we will come next time,” said Naura as the PIC of this event.

Because of limited budget, the prize wasn’t that grand. Maybe in next event, the prize should be better so the kids will be happier. But, they were definitely happy with the event because of the games, singing and dancing activities.

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