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Software Workshop Schlumberger

Petrel Fundamental Software Workshop

Jakarta Learning Center, 45th Floor, Wisma Mulia 2, Jakarta
21st of September 2016

Software workshop to company is one of the new innovation on education enhancement division SPE ITB SC work program in collaboration with field trip division. Therefore, SPE ITB SC collaborated with Schlumberger to conduct a “Petrel Fundamental Software Workshop”. The event which was attended by 19 participants, was held on 21st September 2016 at Jakarta Learning Center, 45th floor, Wisma Mulia 2, Jakarta.

The presenter of this software workshop is Mr. Agus Dwi Priyanto. He graduated from Gadjah Mada University in 2011 as he took bachelor degree in geophysical engineering. He continued his study as he finished his master degree in petroleum engineering ITB on 2013. He said that he just took all of the opportunity that he had before until finally he could work at Schlumberger as a software engineer and software instructor then.

The session of the software workshop was divided into two session which are the introduction about the software and the main software workshop itself. He started his presentation with the introduction of Petrel Reservoir Engineering software and the use of it. Petrel RE is a petroleum engineering software which is used for reservoir characterization, development planning, and production evaluation to optimize reservoir performance. Petrel RE also provides an extensive toolset to incorporate different pieces of analyses, from analytical production simulation to complex completion operating controls to case management for hundreds of uncertainty simulations. The reservoir engineer can interactively create different strategies for well and completion construction, injection/production strategies, and the fluid that are in-place and injected from surface. There are a lot of reservoir simulation software besides Petrel RE for sub-surface characterization modeling processes which firstly is a static model from seismic interpretation by the geologist & geophysicist. He basically gave us a fundamental knowledge about using this software, not only the tools and features in it, but also steps and processes until we can finally calculate and find all of the parameters that we would like to know.

In the next session after lunch, it was a main software workshop which we were given a guideline book to do an example of Petrel RE project. Basically we were given a static model and we need to convert it to become a dynamic model by inputting the fluid properties, rock properties, and production data. Actually the guideline book is very helpful because it makes us know the steps of using the software and also the features in it, so we had a better fundamental knowledge of using the software properly. It guided us until we can finally find the main things that we would like to know for example like reservoir characterization, development planning, prediction of production, production evaluation, etc. Mr. Agus Priyanto also assisted us if there are some questions about the details of the software or something which wasn’t listed on the guideline book.

The participants showed their enthusiasm toward this workshop. There were a lot of participants who asked some questions about the software and the features in its Petrel RE software. Finally, the software workshop was closed by giving memento session to Schlumberger and a photo session with the presenter and all of the participants.

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