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Software Training

Petrel RE Software Training for 2013 and Pipesim Software Training for 2014”

Tutored by Mr. Amega Yasutra
Seminar Room PE Building, 3rd Floor, ITB
Tuesday, 13th and Thursday, 15th September 2016


The software training is the collaboration between SPE ITB SC, IATMI ITB SC and “POLEMIK” which is Academic division of HMTM “PATRA” ITB. After further discussion, these organizations decided that for batch 2013 will be tutored using PETREL Software and for batch 2014 will be using the PIPESIM software. These training will be tutored and supervised by Mr. Amega himself as he is the specialist in software used in oil and gas industry

The first training is held on Tuesday, 13th September 2016 in Seminar Room. Mas Amega then proceed to start the training and explain the usage of the software itself in PE course. While waiting for other students to come because they were late and without any further ado, Mas Amega then started giving a simple case in building a simulation of a reservoir model. Most participants were in awe and enthusiastic with the software but nevertheless after most time had passed, some participants had already felt a little boring so they didn’t pay any attention and did other stuff. In the absence sheet, the total participants were 28 which was low.

The second software training is held on Thursday, 15th September and opened only for batch 2014 but there were 2 people of batch 2013 who had participated and maybe they were interested in enriching their knowledge of the software. Total participants who had followed the training were 14 which was quite low comparing with the batch 2013 because some of them thought that they hadn’t known the essential of the software itself and felt that they didn’t need to learn the software at this moment or maybe because it was held in Thursday for 2014 had only one class in the morning and other reasons that they had other activities and plans to do for the rest of the day.

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