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On October 15th 2015, SPE ITB SC has conducted a workshop visit to Schlumberger in order to facilitate the students, especially SPE’s members, to learn and enhance their skills and knowledge. This workshop visit was held in Schlumberger Cikarang Integrated Base (CIB), the biggest integrated base of Schlumberger in Indonesia.

We started our day by having the safety induction. Soon after that, we got a brief explanation of Schlumberger history, its commitment to improve the society and its values. The activity then continued with the presentation of various segments in Schlumberger. The first segment was Drilling and Measurement (D&M) which mainly operates in directional drilling service and its measurement while drilling. The second was Wireline segment which is related to the logging. The third was Geoservices segment that is working with surface logging and the last was Drilling Tools & Remedial (DT&R) segment that takes care of the drilling tools along with the solution of several problems related to drilling.

After the presentation, we got a distinct yet memorable chance to walk around the Schlumberger’s workshop area. We got to see how the people are working and we got to see the  real tools used in the industry where we usually see them through books and news. We also got the chance to actually see how the tools are operated and how it benefit to optimize the industry’s performance.

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Overall, the participants were so enthusiastic about this workshop visit for the whole time. The participants were so eager to learn by asking many questions. Finally, this workshop visit gave us another way of learning and it is very helpful for the students to learn more.

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