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Schlumberger Company Roadshow


As a professional organization that based on our profession and knowledge in petroleum industries, we need to take a real movement by getting in touch with the industries. At 27th May 2015 SPE ITB SC visit Schlumberger Office in Wisma Mulia 46th floor, Jakarta. In here we bring a meaningful mission to connect with the companies and to collaborate in many aspects such as knowledge, social service, and student exposure in oil and gas industries.

As we know, Schlumberger is one of the service companies in the world that take part in any part of the world. We got invited by Mrs. Stephany to have our own presentation about SPE and how can we collaborate with companies, especially Schlumberger. The presentation was held for about 45 minutes and we got the opportunities to explain how vast ITB is. In here we also ask Schlumberger willingness to contribute in giving knowledge and exposure more intense than before.

After the presentation is done, Mrs. Stephany told us about Schlumberger new base in Cikarang and welcome us to visit the base anytime soon. She was also explain us about Schlumberger segment and mission to educate young people especially in petroleum industries. We are also discussing about our Field Trip that will be held at September – October 2015 to Cikarang base and to gives exposure about the tool used in any part of services industries. Other than that, we are looking forward to collaborate together to create a social event together, guest lecture, and other cooperation forward. At this Schlumberger will provide the information we need about the technical issues in this industry and we are looking forward to connect the issue from the professionals to the students by this event. Overall we are very grateful to have Schlumberger’s support and looking forward to the realization of this collaboration.

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