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BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE, IATMI, and PATRA held a Research Training and Paper Competition Workshop on August 29th, 2018, located in Total Handil Room, PE Building. The speakers that are expert in Research and Paper Competition were invited. They are Steven Chandra (PE 2010) and Khairullah(PE 2014).

The workshop, that was started from 4 pm until 6 pm, explained how to be good researchers and how to win a paper competition. They also shared the participants tips and trick on how to be professional in paper competition and researchers.

Steven Chandra (PE 2010) is ex-Chairman of Sand Control Team OGRINDO( Organization that focused in Petroleum Research), Reviewer for Elsevier Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, and The Best Presentation Student Engineering on IPA Convex. Steven Chandra focused to give the participants material about petroleum researches. The title of the presentation that he brought is “Research and Publication: Long Way Down the Tunnel”.  To be a master in Petroleum/Scientific Publication, we must first decide what to do, then define the research and make the research methodology. Several examples were also shown about do’s and don’t’s in paper competition. Some tips that were given such as familiarizing with lab equipment, do not hesitate to ask the professor for guidance, and not to be afraid of mistakes as it gives us the better experience. Last, always obey the rules, be polite and considerate to other researchers…

Same as 5W+1H, we must understand where should we send the publication, what must we do from this publication, and so on. The steps of Producing Good Publication as he said like Good Introduction is a must, methods and material, results and analysis. It is important enough to add good abstracts to make the readers understand your publication.

Next, Khairullah (PE 14) shared his experience in Paper/Writing Competition. He also encouraged participants to join Paper Competition as it is more prestigious, higher reward,  lower effort, and cost. Beside, Paper Competition can be used again to develop your final assignment or published in seminar and scientific journal such as OnePetro, Apogce, and IPA.

There are three stages to create good paper writers like abstract submission, manuscript submission, and d-day presentation. He also explained the Paper and Presentation Assessment (Presentation Technique, Paper Scanning, and Analysis). How to win this competition? He thought that to win this competition, we must be selected as one of the best abstracts, complete the paper comprehensively, and outperformed others presentation. He also shares how to make an engaging title and Comprehensive Paper structure.

The event was closed by giving the certificate and taking the photo of speakers with participants. There were also many questions from the participant. Overall, the participants were very enthusiastic. (Alfanda Kurnia)

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