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On November 18th, 2015, SPE ITB SC went on a company visit to PGN Saka Indonesia office in SCBD Jakarta. The visit consisted of multiple sessions aimed at educating students, especially SPE members, about the oil and gas industry seen not only from the engineering and technical aspects. This includes a session about the legal aspects of the oil and gas industry brought by Mr. Rida Sahat. The topic discussed was about the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) system commonly used in Indonesia. This particular kind of knowledge, which we normally do not get in daily basis, is in fact important for petroleum engineering majors. It is such a privilege for us to have an oil and gas economics expert explaining us how PSC actually works.

pgn comvisAfter the PSC session, we proceeded to the overview of PGN Saka by Mrs. Ade Tuturoong. At a glance we were explained about the company’s profile, visions, missions, and values. Through this session we got to know a lot more about the company, and also many other information regarding gas production in Indonesia. By learning from the history of the company and PGN, we also got the bigger picture of the gas industry dynamics in Indonesia.

Proceeding to the next session is the exploration process of oil and gas by VP of Exploration, Mr. Rofiki. In details he explained to us stages a company or a contractor has to go through in exploration process in order to be awarded an oil or gas block. He also added some valuable information regarding the Energy Mix plan and Indonesia’s demographic bonus in 2025 and how it can be seen as a potential to us.

Then as the last session, we got a career coaching session about career transition by HR Manager Mr. Agus. This session discussed about what quality someone has to have in order to strive and compete in the career world. We were also given some case study about an employer’s point of view and an employee’s point of view, and how to align those two to make them synergize in achieving the company’s goals. We were also asked to self-asses ourselves to find out what qualities we still need to work on.

The career coaching marked the end of the sessions given from PGN Saka, in return, SPE ITB SC and the boards of IPWeek 2016 also did some presentations to introduce the organization and the event to PGN Saka.

To sum up, the company visit was a complete package for us. We got a bit of the technical aspect, a bit of the legal aspect, and a bit of the personality aspect through the career coaching session. It is such a rewarding experience to be able to get a whole new perspective on oil and gas industry.

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