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PETROLIDA 2017: ITB Teams’ Triumph Dominated

Written by: Prihita Eksi Cahyandari and Dicky Alviansyah

Petroleum Integrated  Days (PETROLIDA) is an annual Event held by SPE ITS SC. This year, PETROLIDA is themed with “Remaining Efficiency to Ensure The Future”. The events series consisted of Inspiring Career Talk, Competition, and was closed with Amazing Race and Gala Dinner. There were four kinds of competition which are Oil Rig Design Competition, Paper Competition, Petrosmart Competition, and Plan of Development  (POD) Competition. Those events were open for undergraduate studentsfrom all over the world, especially Asia Pacific.  The competition itself was held on April 7th, 2017 in ITS.

For this event, SPE ITB SC sent 2 teams Petrosmart Competition, 2 people for Paper Competition, 2 teams for POD Competition, and 3 teams for Oil Rig Competition. And the good news is: ITB took a lot of places as winner.

Petrosmart Competition

Petrosmart competition’s winner was dominated by ITB teams. ITB A consist of Maria Yohana (PE 15), Kevin Tja (PE 13), and Defry Erwinsyah (PE 14) took the first place and ITB B that consists of Aulia Ahmad Naufal (PE 14), Teddy Nilam (PE 13), and Stephen Leonardo (PE13) took the 2nd place.

Coming as a winner, Maria as the youngest participant said, “It’s not all about being so smart and quick. But, it is also important to use strategy in this competition. I think we can beat other teams because of our strategy and optimism.”

Oil Rig Design Competition

One team of ITB named “Triton” was successfully gained 3rd rank in Oil Rig Design Competition. The team was consisted of five students of ITB from three different major, i.e. Petroleum Engineering, Oceanography, and Architecture.

“This was my first competition, and we ranked three. Thanks, God! It was also such a great beginning,” Joshua Reinhard, or usually called Jore said.

He said that although the preparation of this competition was quite constrained because it took times during the Mid-Test period, Triton kept giving their best and trying to make the design as innovative as possible. “This oil rig uses airborne system, that is a system that uses a windmill as one of the energy generation so it will improve its efficiency of electricity usage. Besides, it also has dual pontoon system which has never been used before in any kind of oil rig design competition,” Jore explained. This competition was joined by 10 teams who had successfully passed the STEM AKAMIGAS, UI, Trisakti University, ITS, UPN, STT Migas, and ITB. One unique event in this competition was all 10 teams could exhibit their oil rig in “Pasar Jumat ITS” and let people give their score to three teams.

Plan of Development (POD)

Petroblaster, one team of ITB successfully win the first place in POD competition. The aim of this competition was to design and plan a field. All team had been given the case, including geology data, fluid data, well log analysis data, production data etc, a month before the competition begun. Petro Blaster was consisted of three Petroleum Engineering students, one Geology Engineering student, and one Environmental Engineering student. As the first ever in 2013 batch to win 1st place in POD competition,  this team gave us tips that important to be noted:

“We think that we have good teamwork and composition. Broaden your connection and diverse team composition so you’ll have strong team,” David said.

As environmental engineering students, Jeje (Environmental Engineering 2013) from Petroblaster Team, POD competition gave her new sight of oil and gas industry as she learnt a lot. It was her first time joined POD and her team’s triumph encourage her friends in the same major to know more about this competition and will try it next time.

Another team of ITB named Pasundan was also gained second rank in Plan of Development. “We have a role as a contractor that will work with SKK Migas in Hydrocarbon production. So that we have to design it, but do not leave the economic and environmental issues behind,” Fada Wibawanto, one of the team member, said. He said that the given data was not complete and still had to be assumed, so he and his team still had to ask the lecturer’s justification about the given data.

The competition was held in G-Suite, on Friday, 7 April 2017. “I chose POD competition because this competition is a competition that test our ability whether we are ready to enter the petroleum industry or not. It also integrates all subjects in ITB,” Fada said.

All participants have the same hope that other students are triggered to win more competition later and bring ITB name in good way. They are willing to share their experience to everyone who is interested in Plan Of Development competition.


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