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PETROFEST 2017: A Great Collaboration

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – Petrofest is an annual event hosted by SPE Java. This year, Petrofest 2017 was held in Bandung, organised by SPE ITB SC and SPE Unpad SC. This year, Petrofest 2017 was empowered by “Aspire to Inspire” value, enrich its participant with the experience of competing and building relationship through the events with aim to initiate the awareness and responsibility of the participants in becoming the agent of change in the real life.

The series of events of Petrofest 2017 was started in September 7th with its open registration for preliminary round of Petrofest 2017 competitions; Oil Rig Design competition, PetroSmart competition, PetroScribe competition, and PetroCase competition collaborating with IPA Convex 2017. The participants joined Petrofest 2017 were diverse from SPE SC universities and some other non-SPE universities.

The finalists announcement was informed on the October 30th, with the final delegates were from 8 SPE Java SCs.

There were 2 pre-events of Petrofest 2017. One was Petrofest 2017 Blood Donation which was held on November 3rd at Labtek 5, ITB. The other one was Career Workshop, held on November 11th, with its professional speakers from Schlumberger and Traveloka.

The main events of Petrofest 2017 were Petrofest 2017 Competitions and The Grand Seminar. The delegates of Petrofest 2017 who are from 8 SPE Student Chapters and more than 100 participants, were gathered in Unpad Training Center on November 16th for the competition technical meeting. The competitions started on November 17th at 7 a.m until 5 p.m; ORD competition and Petroscribe were held on Unpad Training Center, meanwhile Petrosmart and PetroCase Study were held on ITB Central Library. Empowered by “Aspire to Inspire” value, the competitions were filled with big enthusiasm from the participants and the committees. The Cultural Night, the closing event of the competitions of Petrofest 2017, was held on November 17th at Grand Ardjuna Hotel. The delegates and the committees came to the event dressed in traditional outfit, anticipated the big announcement of the winners of Petrofest 2017 Competitions. ITB teams won the PetroCase, PetroSmart, and ORD competitions, while ITS won the PetroScribe competition.

The Grand Seminar of Petrofest 2017 was held at Grand Rumawat Padjadjaran University on November 18th, started from 8.30 a.m to 3 p.m. The theme of Petrofest 2017 Grand Seminar was “Attracting Global Investment in Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia”.

The speakers were professionals in the oil and gas industry, including Mr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro (Former Minister of Energy), Mr. Michael Putra (Chairman of IPA Convex 2017), Mr. Amin Hartoni (Chairman of SPE Java), Mr. Suhadi Dwijomartono (Director of Schlumberger), and Mr. Sabam Tumanggor (Sales Marketing Manager of Weatherford). The participants were coming from ITB and Unpad. The topic about investment enriched the participants on how to attract global investment in Indonesia.

“It was a great experience to work in a constructive environment within the ITB committees and to collaborate and build great relation with Unpad committees. The supports coming from SPE ITB and SPE Unpad held a big part in making the event memorable and successful. I personally hope this will be a great experience and lesson for both ITB and Unpad in running a collaboration event. Words could never be enough to express my gratitude for all the people who were working together for the success of  Petrofest 2017; yet may the working experience bring the best out of you all.” Kevin Joshua said as the Project Manager of Petrofest 2017.

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