Petrocare: Blood Donation and Energy Campaign


As one of the pre-event series of Integrated Petroleum Festival (IPFEST) 2018, Petrocare has been successfully conducted on Tuesday (30/01/18) at Lapangan Cinta, Bandung Institute of Technology. Petrocare, which was conducted from 9 am until 3 pm, is a blood donation event that is combined with energy campaign that is related with Indonesia’s energy condition. It is hoped that Petrocare will bring many positives impacts to the participants and the society in general.

The participants, who were willing to donate their blood, were required to register themselves and made sure that they met the standard criteria to donate their blood such as minimum age is 17 years old, minimum weight is 45 kg, normal body temperature, normal blood pressure, having adequate sleeping duration for about 5 hours last night, etc. “I am very happy because I can share kindness for those who need blood donation”, Yesaya said as one of the donators. The visitors also could get free ice cream only by doing some simple steps: Add OA IPFEST 2018 and share IPFEST 2018’s post to 30 at least LINE groups, taking snapgram with hashtag #petrocare2018 and mention @ipfest2018.

Besides blood donation, there was also an exhibition about energy. The exhibition was intended to raise the awareness of the visitors about energy resilience in Indonesia. There were also many things on display such as miniature of Sucker Rod Pump, offshore oil platform, Christmas tree/wellhead, and many other things related to oil and gas industry. There were also many infographics and video about energy, especially oil and gas in Indonesia.

As a part of the series of Pre-event of IPFEST 2018, Petrocare and other events such as School Visit, Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture (IPGL), etc. are expected to support the main event of IPFEST 2018 so that IPFEST 2018 will be the greatest Oil and Gas Competition in Indonesia.

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