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PetroBowl 2017 Regional Qualifier: ITB Team is Grateful

MALAYSIA, speitbsc.org – The PetroBowl competition pitches SPE student chapter teams against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, answering technical and nontechnical industry-related questions. The contest has grown in size and popularity since its debut in 2002, and in 2015 was taken global with the introduction of six regional qualifer contests.

Organization of the PetroBowl Regional Qualifiers has now moved to regional teams representing each of six PetroBowl super regions. Each region will select 5 teams to represent their regions in addition to the first and second place Chapters from the previous Championship. A total of 32 places are available for the 2017 Championship.

Team which represents  ITB managed to achieve 4th place in Petrobowl Asia Pacific Regional Qualifer 2017 in UTP, Malaysia and is going to San Antonio, USA for the Petrobowl Championship. This team consists of four members, Gitani Tsalitsah Dahnil (PE 13), Kevin Tja (PE 13), Adnan Syahrul Ramadhan (PE 13), and Wingky Suganda (PE 14).

This team is interested to join PetroBowl, which is one of the most prestigious championship in petroleum society. Four of them have taken part at some smart competitions in order to  join PetroBowl. They used to participate in internal selection which took a long time. Before the competition, they trained at least three times a week and two weeks before the real competition, they trained almost everyday .

Their competitiors are originated from eight different countries. “We are so grateful because we managed to be top four and have chance to be representative for ITB, even if we felt quite disappointed because could not make it at semifinal and being a champion”, Gitani said. They also feel burdened to maintain first position which was achieved by ITB team last year. Each member of this team has different persoanalities and strengths, so they are compatible each other and develop chemistry.

They want to evaluate the lacked of the team in regional qualifier, so they can prepare themselves for the next stage. They also hope for the those who are going to join PetroBowl next year can return the victory for ITB. While cheering for their success, their preparation for the next stage in San Antonio, October 9-11th 2017 will be more intensive, and they determine to learn more than before.

They felt the moment they joined this championship was so precious because they met new peoeple from different countries which are also from petroleum society. They shared each other experiences regarding lectures in their own university and also increasing knowledge. As the youngest member, Wingky felt so great and this championship was challenging. He learned many things from his seniors, and also felt assisted.

This championship consists of several halves, namely preliminary, sweet sixteen, elite eight, final four and final. Last year, ITB managed to win at first place so they are directly sent to round sweet sixteen. In sweet sixteen and elite eight, they accidentaly met competitior from Indonesia. “I felt like participate this championship in my own country”, Gitani said. When they were at round final 4, they met competitior from Batstate University Philippines, which is first winner. They are so smart and answer the question very quickly. No wonder they are becoming the winner and it gives them chance to learn many things to know their weakness in regional qualifier and will try to improve for the next stage.

There are many memorable moments when participating PetroBowl. They felt nervous when answering the question, they were almost left behind with their train to Kuala Lumpur, but they also felt happy to meet new friends at gala dinner.


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