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SPE ITB SC, once again, conducted paper training, inviting speaker from mathematic department. The speaker was Mr. Edy Soenowo, a lecturer which had publicized a lot of journal hence nominating him as the top ten Indonesia most contributive scientist over journal publication. This event was designed to improve students’ knowledge regarding paper publication and the method which can be taken as the approach to find a solution. As common, the training was held in Total Handil Room, Petroleum Department ITB and was attended by thirty nine participants from several majors.

The speaker pointed out along the importance of mathematical modeling, thus explaining fundamental reason why we need mathematical modelling. There are many complicated problems encountered, high-risk, cost, profit business, software ability restriction. He stressed out that in mathematics, there are a lot of methodologies and tools that can be used to solve real problems. New technology can solve problem that couldn’t be solved before and some methodology is suitable for only certain type of problem.

Most of problem encountered by mathematician in petroleum industry is production optimization. The answer of those problem can be found by discussion from various major’s perspective. The output of this problem is, i.e. a gas lift performance curve which is an engineering solution to show relation from gas injection with oil production.

Another problem encountered by Oppinet, the one that specializing in mathematic-petroleum, is predicting optimum pigging schedule in gas transmission pipeline. By using statistics and modelling development, mathematician can  develop a simulation to determine the optimum pigging time.

Statistics can be used to make the data “speak”. Data is a very expensive resources. Another deals to Oppinet for developing the simulator is Indonesia has limited oil and gas data.

The most important point during this paper training is about how the students collaborate one another. He told that mathematical knowledge of petroleum students should not be a constraint to do research. Why? Because the core problem of it is lacking of seeing in wider perspective. He emphasized that students can create collaborative action on doing research with mathematician because they have tools that petroleum engineers need.

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