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With its commitment to help all of member to develop their skills and knowledge related to technical and non-technical problem on the field, Education and Workshop Division of SPE ITB SC collaborated with HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB to host a Guest Lecture on October 30th, 2015. The guest lecture which was held in Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building, ITB, was attended by 21 participants from petroleum engineering majors. The topic is about “Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Industry” which was delivered by Mr. Sony Sancoyo Soegito which is a Petroleum Engineering Alumni and also friend of Mr. Leksono Mucharam.

First, he told us why we need to improve ourselves in every aspect as an analogy of improving every technical and non-technical aspect to reach operational excellence in oil & gas industry. He also gave an example how to think out of the box by managing the cow dung as a cycle to improve the agriculture sector. Although he is a Petroleum Engineer, he said that he has already done many researches which related to improve the agriculture sector.

He explained about his project with Mr. Leks about C-EOR technology with the chemical injection fluid called “Semar” to stimulate a well. Mr. Leks and him had already presented and proved that this chemical injection fluid can stimulate and increase the production flow rate of the wells on many countries. Yet, they are still improving it until now to reach the maximum of stimulation for increasing the production rate. He showed us the chart of data from many wells which was injected by their chemical fluid. Almost all of the chart showed a graph of a significant increase in production rate.

To reach operational excellence, he said there are two important aspects. First, every technical and non technical operational aspect in field needs to be improved by collecting data every day. Second, we need to reduce or minimize the CoPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) to increase the profit by maximizing the production equipment for a long term condition.

He told us that there are still a lot of aspects in Indonesia oil & gas industry which need to be improved to reach the operational excellence. One of them is about the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). He said that the SOP needs to be made as dynamic as possible because the operation on field will also adjust the development of wells. There were many cases that already showed that the SOP itself had interrupted the operation to reach the excellence of operational in Indonesia Oil & Gas Industry.

At the end of the event, there is just 1 question from participants which showed a good clear explanation from lecturer.

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