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Offshore Field Trip to CNOOC South East Sumatera Ltd.

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE ITB SC has conducted the offshore field trip to an oil company in Indonesia, which is China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) SES Ltd. on Wednesday (20/09/17) as a mean to enrich the knowledge of 37 participants in total. As the participants arrived at the port CNOOC Kalijapat, they were given a brief explanation about the requirements before leaving to Pabelokan Island using a vessel.

After reaching the Pabelokan Island, the participants were guided to the mess hall to have a break. In addition, they were also served delicious snack and lunch. At 1PM, the participants were directed to the the conference room to get the information from Mr. Jarnika about safety induction in Pabelokan Island. Afterwards, Mr. Maxi (Reservoir Engineer), Mr. Rangga (Drilling Engineer), and Mr. Alberridho (Production Engineer) gave a more-detailed presentation about CNOOC’s field. Mr. Rangga said, “The area is divided into three parts, i.e NBU, CBU, and SBU”. Three speakers collaborated to present the information about the oil and gas field in CNOOC SES Ltd. and went further to explain about NBU, CBU, and SBU, which stand for North, Central, and South Business Unit, respectively. “Because we have been operating for 40 years, all of the wells are produced using Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)”, Mr. Alberridho said. In addition, Mr. Rangga said, “We have spent 400 million USD and have drilled 262,130 ft-md”.

After the presentation, the participants were guided to take a brief look around the Pabelokan island, visiting the power plant, the gas plant, and the helipad. Before heading back to Bandung, SPE ITB SC gave a memento to the CNOOC which was accepted by Mr. Daviq Chandra. Before going back to CNOOC Kalijapat, the vessel visited the Cinta Cluster so the participants could take a closer look of some platforms on offshore drilling rigs.

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