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New Member and IPWeek Staff Recruiting in Open House Unit

In this special annual occasion in the early new semester in ITB, one of our agendas as Human Resources Development Society of Petroleum Engineering ITB Student Chapter (SPE ITB SC) Division is conducting an open recruitment for new membership from all major in ITB. This is conducted in order to enlarge our membership and give larger benefit to others. As we know that SPE ITB SC is opened not only for Petroleum Engineering but also from Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Engineering, and so on. Many benefits which everyone can get being a member of SPE, such we can download a paper from one petro for free, joining Guest Lecture and Field Trip conducted by SPE ITB SC, and so on.

This is started at 07:00 a.m. and we have prepared all before visitor coming. One by one visitor glances and looks curious, then they come closer to us. We welcome them and explain clearly all what is SPE and give them information about recruitment for all majors. We also explain benefits that they will get by joining as SPE member then we guide them to fill registration online form or giving them a brochure that they can fill at home.

By conducting this open recruitment for all majors in ITB, we can say that visitors are interested and look curious with SPE. Proven by database that we take from registration this day, about 100 new members have registered. They are from Chemical, Geology, Electrical, Mechanical, etc in batch 2013, 2014, and even 2015. They hope they can really get benefits from SPE like what we have explained to them.

Beside we conduct open recruitment for SPE membership, we also conduct open recruitment staffing for IPWeek2016 as a part of SPE annual event. Main event of IPWeek2016 will be on February 2016 and invite all SPE Student Chapter in Indonesia, Malaysia, and others. This open recruitment for staffing also get positive responses from visitor proven by lots of registrants. IPWeek2016 and SPE ITB SC also sell shirt, hoodie, keychain, and jelly to support our finance.

This day is very meaningful and giving lots of experiences for both SPE ITB SC and IPWeek2016. By joining as new SPE ITB SC membership and IPWeek2014 staff, we hope we can share benefits to others ~

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