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Meet the winner, Oil Expo 2017

Written by: Bianca Edgina

Oil Expo 2017 “Passion, Purpose, Value” was held from May 16th-17th 2017 this year, as an annual event from Trisakti University Petroleum Engineering Major. This event is purposely organized dents of petroleum engineering which later will plunge into the world of oil and gas industry and can help students to deepen their knowledge. This event consists of four competitions which include POD Competition, Paper Competition, Oil Rig Competition & Smart Competition, take place at D Building 8th floor, Auditorium University of Trisakti. All delegates from universities across Indonesia were invited to participate in these competitions. Thankfully, SPE ITB SC’s delegates have won in several competitions.

Smart Competition

1st Winner

William Angtony (PE’14), Rakha Utomo (PE’14), Ahmad Aulia Justisiantanto (PE’14)

Before the competition day, this team trained twice a week, an hour each meeting. It seemed they almost never study outside training time because the training system has provided more than enough preparation. Even though sometimes one of the team members could not come to the training, this team excelled it because they understand the question asked, not just remembering the answer.

1st Runner Up

Wingky Suganda (PE’14), Stephen Cahyadi (PE’14), Hadi Winarto (PE’14)

“This competition is challenging”, Stephen said. Other reasons, they chose to compete in this competition because they have learned lessons in class and the cost is affordable compared to others. They joined routine training which was organized by SPE ITB SC. Luckily, they got separated with others team from ITB and competed in final stage. It is easier when listening and pay attention to lecturer at class.  Before the competition began, they got nervous but later overcome it and replaced by exciting atmosphere. They are looking forward for another competition, especially Case Study or Plan of Development.

Oil Rig Design Competition


1st Winner

Ainun Naviz Afzan (PE’14), Willy Chandra (PE’14), Siptian Nugrahawan (PE’14), Muhamad Danang Priambodo (ME’14), Antonio Juan Tanujaya(OE’14)

This team is inspired by their seniors who often win. The preparation was about 3 months, but distracted by mid term test. So, total time needed is about a month and the material has existed from previous competition that they have joined before. The main obstacle, final test schedule between major is different so its hard to gathered up. They practiced for presentation when waiting for their turn because they got ninth sequence. From the assessment, innovation of this team is realistic. They are happy for being the winner because it is worth their effort. After this, they are planning to apply for another competition.

Plan of Development Competition

1st Winner

Haryo Pambudi (PE’13), Theresia Deviana (PE’13), Wildo Fajar (PE’13), Enrico Adiputra (PE’13), Daniel Adipradipto (GE’13)

“Jealous. Maybe that is the feeling that drive me to join a competition.”, Haryo said. They think, a will is not enough to win this competition. For the preparation, the most important things are hard and smart working. They believe these things will lead to a victory and remember us not forget to pray.

Even though the other teams have their own strong point, however they confidence that the key of their success is their collaboration with the geologist. They hope the other PE friends can also exceed their limit by exploring a lot of new things inside or outside the campus.

Once again, congratulations for all winner who worked hard and put maximum effort. Hopefully, many people get inspired from their victory and gain more enthusiasm for next competition.


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