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As the demand in oil industry is increasing, innovation cannot be neglected. The presence of research institution is very essential. In order to understand more about research institution in Indonesia, SPE ITB SC and IATMI SM ITB have conducted a workshop visit to the Research and Development Center for Oil and Gas Technology LEMIGAS in Cilandak, Jakarta. The workshop visit was held on November 18th 2015 with 30 participants from several majors namely Petroleum Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and etc.

We arrived at LEMIGAS workshop at 08.30 a.m. and we were welcomed by LEMIGAS management team. Soon after that, we are given some explanations about LEMIGAS history and its role on energy development in Indonesia. We got more insight that LEMIGAS has done so many things to support the development of energy in Indonesia especially in oil and gas sector.

The next session was the workshop visit. We got a chance to visit LEMIGAS’ workshop and laboratory to see how their researchers work. First, we went to the drilling laboratory in which responsible for examining the mud and cement used in drilling process. Then, we moved to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) laboratory. We were explained about different kinds of EOR and how it will affect the rate of production from the reservoir.

lemigas company visitThe third laboratory was the PVT laboratory, which is used to analyse the fluid properties from a reservoir with different methods. After that, we visited the CBM laboratory. The existence of CBM laboratory was because of big CBM potential in Indonesia that has not been developed. Lastly, we went to the petrophysics laboratory which is responsible for analysing rock properties like porosity, saturation and etc.

At the end, there was a sharing session with LEMIGAS. At that session, we are as university student hope there will be more collaboration between university and research institution so the students will get more exposure about the real life in industry. All the participant were very excited from the workshop because it opened our knowledge about the role of research in oil and gas industry.

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