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Internasional Oil and Gas Symposium (IOGS) 2012

INTERNATIONAL OIL AND GAS SYMPOSIUM (IOGS) 2012 is set to be the event organized by SPE UTM thus far. It will be guested by managers and engineers from multinational corporations as well as students of various academic disciplines. The symposium aims to provide answers and insights to the many queries concerning the rise of the petroleum industry, through its technical talks and exhibitions.

IOGS 2012 is open to students of all academic background – one of its objectives through several career talks that will be held, is to highlight non-petroleum or even non-engineering majoring students, as well as prospective ones, of the lucrative and promising career prospects that oil and gas and promising career prospects that the oil and gas industry holds for them. Most importantly, IOGS 2012 aims to enlighten and provide participants the opportunity to meet with industry practitioners including engineers and managers to gain valuable knowledge of their experiences in the industry thus far.

IOGS 2012 provides many competitions, namely Paper Competition, Oil Rig Competition, Petrobowl, Green City Competition, and Super Speaker’s Competition. SPE SC ITB peeks a very high occasion to win it all. However, SPE SC ITB merely sends the delegates in three kinds of competition, Oil Rig, Paper, and Petrobowl. Our delegates for Paper Competition are Ade Anggi Naluriawan Santoso and Enggar Amreta Cahya. Our delegates for Oil Rig Competition are Michael Ari Dhanto, Ramadhana Aristya, Irfan Taufik Rau, Yosaka Eka Putranta, Budi Khoironi, and Dito Fauzi Winanda. Our delegates for Petrobowl Competition are Muhammad Romadhona, Randy Perfibita, Hulyadi Halim, Radityo, Syarif Kamal, and Dias Anugrah Massewa. SPE SC ITB strongly believes to win those competitions because for us “Winning is not everything, it is the only thing”.

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