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In November 27th 2015, Education and Workshop division of SPE ITB SC, together with HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB welcome INPEX in Petroleum Engineering building. We are about to conduct a guest lecture that present by INPEX as one of their company roadshow program titled “Advance Technology in Oil and Gas Industry”. The event take place at Total Handil, Tunu, and Peciko room. The guest lecture starts at 12.30 p.m and ends at 15.30. There are 3 speakers in total, from the INPEX team whom give the presentation and answering question to the attendances.

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The presentation itself, divided into 2 sessions. The first one is preview about INPEX. Its history, vision and their current project in Indonesia. INPEX is a Japan oil and gas company that has been in Indonesia since 1966. In achieving their goal to provide energy for customer, INPEX has exploring and producing oil and gas resources in the world which most of it has been in Indonesia.  And after those 50 years, INPEX has still have a long term project in Indonesia

The second session begin with INPEX introducing their Abadi LNG project. One of their biggest and most important project. INPEX acquired a 100% interest in Masela block in 1998 by an open bid conducted by Indonesian government. After a series of exploratiory activities, they found Abadi gas field in 2000. And after 6 appraisal wells between 2002 – 2008, the company confirmed the presence of gas and condensate reservoir. This project, is planned to be developed by FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) with 7.5 million ton per annum in capacity.

INPEX of course explain their reason for choosing FLNG plan. FLNG technology allow them to produce, liquefy, and transport natural gas in deepsea easily. It also reusable, has a little enviromental impact and perfectly used for remote location. It also cost less, compare to onshore LNG plan, either from its capex and opex.

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There are a Q&A session between those presentation. And the enthusiasm is quite high, given a lot of participants raised their hands to ask question. One notable question is about the pros and cons  of this FLNG project for local people in East Indonesia. There is a concern that this FLNG will give minimum impact to local people. Team INPEX answering by explaining their company point of view regarding this issue, and they believe that FLNG is the best for all.

This guest lecture ends after a few quiz given by INPEX related to the whole session of this company roadshow. Some participants rewarded for answering those question correctly.

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