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How to Optimize Technology Implementation in Mature Block

On this occasion we invited speakers from PT. Energi Mega Persada. EMP is an independent upstream oil and gas company that have a vision to become the leading independent Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company in Asia, Implementing safety, health and environment excellence, uphold good corporate governance, contributing in community development. This lecture was presented by two young engineer, Mr. Gunawan and Mr. Eldias from PT. EMP Tbk. The lecture session is divided into two parts. The first is a short explanation about their company’s profile and second is about optimizing technology implementation in mature block.


“Petroleum engineers are a good communicators. We adapt very easily to chance and working with people” said Mr. Gunawan. We have to prepare all of the things related to our goals which is becoming a petroleum engineer. We can take college preparatory courses, participate in engineering and technology student’s organization and take part in any kind of competition that has connection to petroleum engineering. And during the second part, we learn that the key of optimizing technology implementation is a good subsurface understanding. Integration of subsurface and surface expertise is needed to understand the challenge so we can choose the right technology. An evaluation and improvement should continue to be made. The last is never give up because no gas is too small and be brave to try new techniques!


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