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Halal Bihalal

Halal bihalal is a kind of activity to establish ties. At this situation, SPE ITB SC collaborates with Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Perminyakan ITB to conduct halal bihalal. The purpose of this event is to tighten ties between petroleum engineering student with lecturer and TU staffs in commemoration Eid Al-Fitr.

Halal bihalal held on August 21 2015 at 1 pm in Total (Handil) Room, Institut Teknologi Bandung. This event was divided into three section, introduction lecturer and TU staffs, sharing, and lunch. First of all, halal bihalal opened by Saviq as President SPE ITB SC and Luthfi as Head of HMTM PATRA ITB. Furthermore, the introduction lecturer and TU staffs led by Saviq and Luthfi. There is around ten TU staffs and one lecturer was attended this event.

Then continued with sharing with Mas Adjie, as lecturer, talked a lot about petroleum engineer to history of petroleum engineering. As we know that Petroleum Engineer Department established since 1962 and one year later HMTM PATRA formed. The founder is Nazar Mahmud, and still active in alumni association. There is many things shared from Mas Adjie, and many new things that we have just know.

Last but not least, lunch is coming! Every participant including lecturer and TU staffs alternately taking food for lunch and eat together. We were all into each other. After we finished the lunch, we can still talk to each other until 3 pm.

The participants were very enthusiastic about this event. Many laugh born when the introduction lecturer and TU staffs, sharing, and also when we were eating our lunch together. The participants also want to know many things about our department, Petroleum Engineering. In my opinion, this event triggers the awareness for mutual respect. Maybe initially we did not know each other, but from this event we did it. I hope to continue like this in the future and must conducted again next year.

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