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Guest Lecture: Oil and Gas Industry

After conducting “Pre-facing Oil and Gas Industry” workshop on September 21st 2012, Education and Workshop Division of SPE SC-ITB conducted the next part of oil and gas industry introduction, which is a Guest Lecture with “Oil and Gas Industry” as the theme. The event was conducted on October 12th 2012 in S2 Handil Total Room in Petroleum Engineering Building, Bandung Institute of Technology.

The speaker of this Guest Lecture is also the alumni of ITB Petroleum Engineering, Dr. Ir. Bambang Supono, M.Sc.. He entered PE ITB on 1993 and graduated on 1998. However, he is still very young, his career has been growing rapidly and now he has become the Executive Director of PT. Nusantara Energy.

This event started at 14.00 as planned before and the first topic of this Guest Lecture is about Networking Company. Mr. Bambang said that in Oil and Gas Industry, there are 3 types of company. Beside Oil Producer and Oil Service company, there is also another company which is called Networking Company. What this Networking Company do is to become a facilitator for the company who wants to expand their working scope. For example, PERTAMINA as the National Oil and Gas Company of Indonesia wants to develop a field abroad, they will need Networking Company to become their facilitator to the destination country.


After the explanation of Networking Company finished, Mr. Bambang opened the Question and Answer Session not only for the previous topic, but it is opened for all topics. In this session, the atmosphere is more lively and vibrant because a lot of students could ask anything. Some of them asked about the consideration between continuing to master program or to work after finishing the bachelor program, while the others asked about more technical topic such as directional and offshore drilling. Mr. Bambang was capable of answering all of these questions because he has finished master program and was once a drilling engineer.


At the end of the event, Mr. Bambang once again gave us a motivational talk to become successful Petroleum Engineer, and also tips and trick to establish a company, since he is the founder of PT. Nusantara Energy and other company also.


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