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After Graduation Path: Young Entrepreneurs Starting Up Business with Low Capital Cost

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – A guest lecture themed “Young Entrepreneur Starting Up Business with Low Capital Cost” was held on Friday (22/09/17) 1-3PM at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building. All participants were excited to join so the room was filled up. SPE ITB SC, in collaboration with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM ‘PATRA’ ITB organized the third part of this After Graduation Path guest lecture in this semester. Abdel (PE’15) was the moderator for this lecture.

Mr. Ricky Aditya Fandi (Petroleum Engineering ITB Alumnus batch 2012) as the first speaker opened the session by giving the explanation about his company which is Fandi Universal Corporation. This company was founded on January 14th 2017 with eight million rupiah as the first capital for starting the business. Fandi Universal Corp. leads on women fashion, beauty and health in social media platform (Instagram) with more than 26,000 followers. Now, he has nine employees and 18,000 customers with 750 million rupiah of company assets. Persistance, patience and money-orientation are his keys of doing the business successfully. The biggest fear that he has faced for this business was the time when he had to resign from his former job as the consultant in Fortia Strategic Partner, but with his bravery and faith then he chose to focus on his business.

After the presentation from Mr. Ricky Aditya Fandi, it was time for the second speaker, Muhammad Emirsaid Sadikin (Petroleum Engineering ITB Alumnus batch 2013) to present the presentation of his e-commerce company “Noompang”. The same as Mr. Fandi, doing business  is Mr. Mirsa’s passion. He began his first business in 4th grade of primary school by selling earphone in Kaskus. At university he began to build his e-commerce “Noompang”, an online transportation website to make people get easier transportation. Now, Noompang has 1,500 users with 50-80 people usually opened the website everyday. The lack of programming and marketing skills are the biggest obstacles that he faced for this business nowadays, but with the great and professional team that he had, he believe this e-commerce will be going bigger later.

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