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Four SCs Benchmarking: Getting New Insights while Expanding Network

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – On Friday, June 9th 2017, a benchmarking was held by four student chapters from SPE Java Section. The participants were SPE ITB SC, SPE UNPAD SC, SPE UI SC, SPE ITSB SC and the host SC: SPE Trisakti SC. The purpose of this event is to strengthen the bond among SCs and also to get insights for a year ahead.  As the rundown said, the agenda were breakfasting together and sharing session about the work programms that each SC has. Both sharing and iftar were held on the 4th floor of Building D, Campus A, Trisakti University. The benchmarking started at 5 pm until 9 pm straight.

There were a lot of people coming, 25 participants from Trisakti, 20 participants from UI 23 participants from ITB, 19 participants from UNPAD, and 4 participants from ITSB. From ITB, the PIC for this benchmarking is Haidar Rochim from Public Relation Division. Public Relation division from SPE ITB SC was responsible for preparing the memento and printing the banner. They also had coordination with other SCs about the location of the event, fees and others. Every SC has a different role in preparing for this benchmarking. Trisakti provided the accomodation, UI planned the events and the rundown, and UNPAD designed the banner.

“This benchmarking was really great and there were a lot of SCs that participated in this event. Well, we could gain more experiences in sharing session if more officers of SPE ITB SC can join,” Haidar said as the PIC of the benchmarking.

There was also evaluation. Some of SPE ITB SC officers who live out of Jakarta have difficulties in finding transportation to come to this event since it was not provided. We should take a look from UNPAD, they rent a bus for this benchmarking. So, for the next benchmarking, hopefully SPE ITB SC will be able to provide transportation for its members so more people can come because benchmarking is not merely having a chit-chat, but it does help the participants to get new insight and also expand their network.


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