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Focus Group Discussion Training Session

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE ITB SC collaborated again with IATMI SM ITB on making professional course series 3.0 which was about focus group discussion (FGD) training session, on Thursday (16/11/17) at Total Handil Room (2nd Floor Petroleum Engineering Department building). The Associate Consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group, Mr. Fatkhur Rahman and The Performance and Market Development Specialist at Holcim Indonesia, Mr. Safrian Adam Farizi presented many ways to be successful at Focus Group Discussion  selection stage for applying internships, job and etc.

Running successful FGD requires a great moderator who can bring out the best in participants, ensuring that you get the insight you are looking for. Here are our 10 best tips for how to moderate a focus group successfully:

(1) Learn the skills. Moderating FGD requires a particular skill set. Before taking on the role of a moderator, one must first understand what it takes to guide a productive conversation, which includes honing people skills and developing the ability to tease out informative responses from a variety of people in a timely manner. Important skills an effective moderator should build on include listening skills, ability to be flexible, management and organisation skills.

(2) Develop an interview schedule. First up, you need a solid discussion guide of course, but it’s also a good idea to have a plan and a timing structure for which questions you will ask and at approximately what point you will ask them during the session. This will also help you keep the group on track for your available time. Questions should start out fairly general and then get more specific as the session progresses whilst adhering to the outlined discussion guide.

The other tips are : (3) include a variety of exercises, (4) create a relaxed environment, (5) establish the rules at the start, (6) conduct an ice-breaker, (7) moderate without actually participating, (8) ask open-ended questions, (9) always seek clarity, and (10) watch your body language.


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