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SPE Camp – First Internal Gathering of SPE ITB SC

Author : Domestic Concern Division

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SPE ITB SC conducted the first internal gathering in 16 November 2013 in Ranca Upas together with SPE Camp. The purpose of the first internal gathering is to introduce partners or usually known as satff to another partners from each divisions. Every divisions sure already worked together among the head division and his/her staffs but they never know partners from another divisions. So that is one of benefit from this first Internal Gathering of SPE ITB SC.

In the First Internal Gathering we had presentation from each divisions. It contains the choosen partners, their event that already done, and their upcoming event. We must provide an interactive presentations to make the audience keep focus and feel happy together. The presentations must be no longer than ten minutes because more then that will make audience boring.

Before the Internal Gathering session they have lunch together. Beside lunch they will interact each other to know another partners. In the first sesion boards will introduce themselves and then introduce their partners. Of course partners are invited to come to the first internal gathering. Partners will introduce themselves, name and divisions, and also their motivations to join SPE ITB SC. Beside know each other, board and partners will know every post and upcoming events from another divisions, so it will make another division can participate in SPE ITB SC events.

In the last Event of internal gathering there was a quiz session to make them remember about SPE SC ITB. There were two question abaout SPE ITB SC 2013/2014 vision and mention about all boards. This quiz was made in order to make the audience keep focus and looking the presentation as well. That’s all from the first Internal gathering og SPE ITB SC.


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