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Not only become an adroit petroleum engineering graduate but also skilled in managing the financial income and outcome, Education and Workshop Division of SPE ITB SC collaborated with HMTM “PATRA” ITB and IATMI SM ITB conducted a big Guest Lecture “Financial Wisdom for Petroleum Engineers, Thinking Out of Box.” which was attended by 74 petroleum engineering students from various chambers, 2012, 2013, and 2014 on Friday, November 6th 2015 from 1.15pm to 5.15pm. The speaker for this Guest Lecture is Mr. Eko P. Pratomo, an advisor at PT BNP Paribas Investment Partner who has taken his undergraduate degree in ITB as aeronautical engineering and postgraduate degree as Master of Business Administration.


He gave us so many tips to undergo a better and wiser life as he open the presentation. He asked us to analyze ourselves whether we are a specialist or generalist. He emphasized us about being passionate in a job that we have chosen. He said that we could never feel satisfied and we were easy to give up when we didn’t enjoy everything we had chosen. When we haven’t chosen anything, we are free to choose, but once you have chosen, you have to be responsible to your choice, remind that every choice has its own consequences. He also suggested us to make a long-term plan of life and SWOT analysis in order to strengthen what has been strong and minimize the weakness and threats surrounding us. Before he went to next session, he open the question and answer session. Feeling enthusiast, the audiences raised their hand and Mr. Eko chose two questions to be answered.


In this session, he played a video “Wake-Up Call” telling us about why we need to understand about personal and family financial, how to be independent financially, how to achieve happiness, and when we should begin preparing for pension. This session also talked about the power of compounding, financial intelligence indicator, and some ways to manage our money like making plan by budgeting, spending money based on budget, buying what you need not what you want, making a list consist of all your spending, and evaluating whether you use your money as your plan or not. In the end of this session, he quoted Warren Buffet’s word to never depend on single income, to buy things you need, to not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving, to never test the depth of a river with both feet, to not put all eggs in one basket, and to never expect honesty from cheap people.


In the second session, he explained us about how important it is to prepare for future. Having preparation is better than not. We have to realize that inflation makes everything more expensive and there are always unexpected things to buy, we might have no enough money to pay for it. He also introduced us some instruments so that we are able to invest such as deposit, savings, giro, obligation, stocks, and mutual funds. In the end of the second session, some audiences came up with questions. Since the time of the guest lecture was supposed to be up, Mr. Eko only answered a question from the audience. The audience showed good enthusiasm, seeing at the number of audience doesn’t change a lot from 1st session to 2nd session.

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