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Field Trip to Schlumberger: Closer Look to The Biggest Service Company

Written by: Prihita Eksi Cahyandari

Yesterday, on April 12th, 2017 the first field trip from new board of SPE ITB SC was held. There were 23 participants from ITB that went to Cikarang Integrated Base of Schlumberger in Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia Cina (KITIC), Cikarang. At 8 am sharp, SPE ITB SC had warm welcome from Base Manager of CIB, Mr. Alam Sakam. He also gave us short presentation about Safety Induction. The agenda from the field trip was presentation from all segments in CIB and continued with workshop visit.

There were five sessions of Schlumberger’s Segment presentation. Before Segment Presentation started, participants were given short introduction of Schlumberger Company from Mrs. Yunita as Head of Human Resource Division. She told us about industries related to Schlumberger, segments in this company that is divided based on cycle of well, history of Schlumberger, principle and also evaluation indicators of  Schlumberger which are commitment, integrity, team work, and drive. The presentation is closed with explanation of fixed–step of training and career path in Schlumberger. There are several steps and every workers in this company starts from the very bottom place in Schlumberger which is field engineer.

The first segment that gave presentation was Drilling and Measurement (D&M) and done by Mr. Yusfian. D&M segments is involved in Drilling Optimization, Formation Evaluation and also Well Placement activity.  After 30 minutes of D&M presentation, Ms. Mutia Valeria continued to present Bits and Drilling Tools (BDT) segments. It was told how this segment is 99%-called out typ The engineer in this segment must be ready anytime to solve problem that may occur in the field. While in Wireline (WL) segments, Ms. Yuki explained that there are so many types of tools in this segment with different purposes. This segment can help clients do logging to help them produce more oil and gas. After 15 minutes of coffee break, Mr. Adhika from Well Services (WLS) Segment explained to us about Coiled Tubing Services (CT). CT is considered as more effective and efficient technologies to intervere  a well with some procedures. Presentation session ended after Mr. Joko from MI SWACO presented about drilling solution, wellbore productivity, environmental solution, dynamic pressure management and production.

After the participants were ready with our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), at 1 pm, they were separated into two different groups to continue to the next session which is workshop visit. At the workshop, they were shown their tools and the cabin where the engineer can control their tools from. Moreover, participants also got a chance to see their tools’ maintenance and how they are disassembled and assembled. After that, they visited their labs such as cementing and mud lab. The workshop visit ended at 3.30 pm. After taking some photos in front of the main office of CIB, participants were guided back to the meeting room for memento giving from SPE ITB SC to Schlumberger representative.

“If you are interested to join Schlumberger, we will do recruitment by the end of this year,” said Mrs. Yunita to end the SPE ITB SC field trip to Schlumberger.


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